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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sunday 2 May 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You are doubting your own abilities and that is why you are getting into difficulties also, in the process you are getting too uneasy and dissatisfied which is not right
Do – The period is gradually shaping up to be stressful, but your own uneasiness is complicating those factors, you have to avoid that
Don’t – Don’t unnecessarily depend on luck, your own focus in life has to remain such in which you depend on your own hard work, don’t take risks at this stage in any manner
Vrish – You may not be happy with your savings but gradually a period is emerging which will improve your financial position, you may be psychologically uneasy but there is no need for that
Week special – Try to remove the confusions of your mind, as such your self-confidence is remarkable and that will help you to overcome this negativity
Mithun – You are not having any trust at this stage, for yourself or for others,
Do – If you trust others you will see that they will help you and support you in many ways, that goodness will be reflected abundantly
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have to maintain stability of your thoughts and actions, regularity is very important at this stage for which you are already motivated
Karka – Protect yourself that someone does not cheat you, it may happen because you are not decided about many things yourself and that is the problem
Week special – Health factors can be there which need to be cared, but overall this period is shaping up to be remarkable and that will provide the goodness for you to reap the rewards
Simha – Financial issues may be on your mind, but there is nothing wrong in that except that you are not happy
Do – In relationships you are likely to remain dissatisfied, many hidden factors may crop up which may lead to stress and pressures
Don’t – Don’t therefore unnecessarily trust someone on monetary issues, even if there are promises you must remember that those promises may not be kept by others
Kanya – Matters connected with work may have many problems, even routine issues may continue to bother you constantly
Week Special – You may be making mistakes from your own side, but this is largely on account of your own dissatisfactions that you are not able to take the right decisions, your own people can become very supportive at this stage
Tula – You may not be happy in the manner in which luck is helping you, for that reason you are getting into unnecessary differences of opinion also in your on-going issues
Do – Lot of mildness is required to understand the situation, if you are dissatisfied you may even get into conflicts with others which can be unfortunate
Don’t – Don’t forget that health needs to be cared for, this is important at this stage as you are neglecting your own well being, don’t let that happen
Vrishchik – Many hidden factors are playing their role side by side, you may even feel cheated in the process as you are not aware of the facts
Week special – You will have to be careful in what you speak, you may be right from your own way but your dissatisfactions can spoil the scene unless you are careful
Dhanu – Personal relationships are important to you at this stage, but you will have to create a lot of trust in others to draw this happiness fully
Do – Your own involvement in home and family can be the reason for your happiness, that should be your effort so that you draw this goodness fully
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that the relationships which are there on your mind have many problems, there are inherent issues which you may not be able to resolve, don’t therefore move on a path which may not be as supportive
Makar – There are many factors which can cause complications, health is one of them and personal life conflicts is another
Week special – Psychologically you are getting away from your own people, that is the unfortunate part because you are not able to realize that patience is very important at this stage
Kumbh – You may want to carry your personal relationships forward but your apprehensions are causing upsets, your family can be very supportive at this stage in many ways which includes your financial prosperity also
Week special – Don’t forget that you can use your ability to speak to your advantage, in any discussion you will be benefited if you put across your thoughts and convey your views clearly
Meena – Issues in home and family need to be discussed and resolved, that should be the priority at this stage over everything else
Week special – Your work related factors are as such becoming strong and you will be benefited, the focus therefore has to shift to address those issues in personal life which are causing uneasiness, those includes the issues of some love relationship as well as of your family

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