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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thursday 27 May 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – There are complex factors which you are facing at this stage, on one hand this period may be stable and lucky for you which is not a point of concern, but on the other hand you have many changes on your mind
Day special – These changes which are on your mind are actually creating stress and botheration to you, it is causing lot of uneasiness and you are not able to take your decisions
Vrish – Financially strong and stable period, but you will have to protect your finances as there can be interlinking factors of hidden and unforeseen obstacles
Do – Stay optimistic about the views and attitude of others, by doing so you will be able to draw the goodness in the form of stable relationships which you want
Don’t – Don’t let your own involvement get reduced in any manner, especially towards your own people you have to remain pleasant and supportive
Mithun – Work related situation is strong and favorable, but financial angle has been somewhat weak in the past and that has not given you any reason to rejoice
Day special – Now a period is emerging which can address that factor easily, but don’t get into any financial stress or differences of opinion at this stage
Karka – Luck may favor you and help you immensely, but you will have to protect yourself from unnecessary differences especially in some love relationship
Do – While you discuss your matters you have to protect yourself from any heated argument or anger, that will help
Don’t – Don’t from your side have a depressive attitude, stay optimistic and you will see that many things will be under control
Simha – You are not happy with your own people, you think that people are trying to hide things from you and there are so many things which are not known to you
Day special – If you are looking for changes because you are not happy then you will have to have patience, don’t take any impulsive decision at this stage as these factors will be resolved soon
Kanya – People around you are very supportive and good to you, you are still not satisfied because you have many factors of financial reasons on your mind
Do – Travels or changes may not prove to be helpful, you will have to reconsider your thoughts or decisions in this regard
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own family and personal life circumstances can give you lot of happiness, but you will have to change your own mindset for that and become more optimistic
Tula – Because of your unstable ways of eating and drinking habits you are causing stress in your health, for that reason there are stress, pressures and differences also indirectly in other areas of life
Day special – Financial position indirectly must be cared for, you must remember that careful and planned decisions will have to be taken at this stage and that only can protect you
Vrishchik – Your own knowledge will help you and your relationships will prosper, but you are continuing to be uneasy as you are not sure whether luck is actually helping you or not
Do – Your focus in your work is now increasing, you are planning carefully to take your work and your life forward
Don’t – Don’t forget that work itself is not important, you have to create a sense of involvement as only then you can find happiness in whatever you do
Dhanu – You may be away and thinking about your family, but overall pattern of your family linkages are stable and there is nothing adverse
Day special – Psychologically you are creating stress for yourself, there is no need for that as it is a passing phase and will change soon, dissatisfaction will therefore have to be removed from your mind which have no role to play at this stage
Makar – Your efforts are remarkable and that will help you to achieve so much at this stage, but the reality of circumstances also shows that personal life and professional life needs lot of care
Do – In personal life stress and pressures are continuing, you will have to protect yourself in a manner that you don’t hide anything or keep anything secret
Don’t – Don’t forget that similar transparency is required in your work life, otherwise misunderstandings can be there which need to be controlled
Kumbh – Overall financial pattern is very stable, although work related matters are improving but you are still not satisfied
Day special – You have to reach out to others and help others, you have to seek the help and advice from others by this inter-linkage which is important, only then your professional situation will improve
Meena – Overall auspiciousness is there, your own self-confidence will help you to improve or increase that situation to your advantage
Do – On some love relationship you may not be as happy, but you will have to keep lot of patience and not push for anything which is not possible now
Don’t – Don’t forget that work is important and is shaping well, you have to stay committed to that to get the best advantage, don’t forget that

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