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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wednesday 19 May 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh: you are neither happy in your personal life nor in your work situation, there are lingering issues and dissatisfactions which are bothering you

Day special: you have to avoid any kind of conflicts connected with work or money, that will provide the peace and harmony which you want to achieve, it is essential to keep your cool at times

Vrishabh: your determination is high and your focus is remarkable, you want to use your knowledge to your advantage and take your life forward

Do: but in this process you are not happy with your own people, for that reason you will have to understand the views of others and take them along

Don’t: don’t let any wastage occur in your work situation, if you make your efforts repeatedly and not achieve anything in the first attempt then that is also a wastage which has to be curtailed

Mithun: you are able to speak well and to discuss your issues judiciously, but still there are factors in your personal life which need careful handling

Day special: your savings may be adequate but your financial issues still need very careful planning, especially on all those factors which may lead to financial differences of opinion you have to be careful

Karka: even in adverse situation you are motivated to do much more in life, for that reason your self-confidence is remarkable and you can achieve a lot with determination

Do: overall auspiciousness is intact, there is lot of goodness which you are trying to achieve and which will be achieved in the process, that is what you should do

Don’t: don’t forget that every step taken in the right direction can take you closer to your goals, but the overall pattern of your financial position needs to be handled with patience

Simha: you are trying to take impulsive decisions connected with home family or change of place, in the process you may be getting into difficulties also

Day special: in any discussion you have to avoid getting angry, discuss your matters and understand as to what is right for you, all your decisions therefore have to be taken with that care at this stage

Kanya: financial position is stable and there is nothing adverse, but many factors keep you occupied for which you are not able to achieve the happiness of your financial prosperity also

Do: emotion relationships can have inbuilt pressures, that is why you are moving one step forward and two steps backward,

Don’t: don’t forget that your own focus somewhat reduced, you need to understand that long term gains are possible by your own efforts and not by taking the help of others

Tula: you are considering many changes or alternatives, you wish to bring about those changes for overall advancement in life

Day special: but there is some amount of instability in your thoughts and actions, that is why you are risking the stability of your present moment also, that possibly not required

Vrishchik: your own involvement can bring the desired results, these include the financial profits and growth as well

Do: luck is favoring you but you are not taking the advantages of this goodness, you are moving in an unplanned manner and you are disoriented, protect yourself from that

Don’t: don’t be unfair to others, in any dispute or even misunderstanding show your goodness and you will be benefited

Dhanu: remarkable period for your hard work to give you positive results, but your attitude is a bit too firm at this stage

Day special: especially on matters connected with change or change of circumstances you are a bit disillusioned, but you must discuss your matters carefully and peacefully 

Makar: overall auspiciousness is with you, you are getting the support of others also fully at this stage

Do: the goodness of your own people is being realize by you, there are weaknesses which also have to be accepted as a reality

Don’t: don’t forget that many of your issues can be resolved with careful and peaceful thinking, you must discuss your matters and appreciate the other persons point of view, don’t neglect to do that

Kumbh: you are thinking of problems and problems are bothering you, for that reason you are not happy and you are becoming too rigid in your attitude

Day special: overall pattern therefore needs lot of care, especially you have to protect yourself from pressure and losses as well as certain obstacles
Meen: you may be firm in your desire for relationship, you may have serious thought for taking it to the next level also, that is the goodness which you carry

Do: your own focus and pragmatism is remarkable, you are being good and that is the advantage which you have

Don’t: don’t make any careless comments at this stage, they can spoil the warmth of relationship which you carry at this stage, don’t let that happen

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