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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sunday 9 May 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – Pressures of funds may increase for you, you are aware of it and yet you are not able to control it
Week special – Even on matters where you are taking decisions based on luck you have to be careful, circumstances may look very lucrative and yet you will have to plan very carefully
Vrish – Excellent situation for financial gains, but certain amount of risk is also involved in your dealings at this stage which is not looking very good
Do – Involvement in your work is praiseworthy, your self-confidence is also helping you at this stage adequately, you must maintain that
Don’t – Don’t unnecessarily plan for major changes in life, that can reduce your efforts and performance, that is not required
Mithun – Stable period for professional growth, luck is favoring you in many ways and the stability is also in the offing
Week special – Overall goodness is indicated for you in many ways, happiness from home and family is available and that will satisfy you
Karka – Very lucky period in many ways, but you will have to avoid unnecessary differences of opinion which may be there on account of confusions of mind
Do – For that reason you have to remain very calm and stable at this stage, that will protect you adequately and not cause any upsets
Don’t – Don’t create diversions of your mind, stay focused, especially towards home and family as tremendous gains are available to you from that source
Simha – Pressures in home, family and with elders can be there, you will have to be careful of hidden factors and unexpected hindrances
Week special – Still stay connected with others to avoid differences of opinion, especially take care that you do not get into unnecessary arguments
Kanya – Your partners, supporters or well wishers can be very helpful to you, but you may not be still satisfied as you have many thoughts on your mind
Do – Try to understand the situation and try to be good, from your side you should not be too critical in finding fault in others
Don’t – Don’t let any health related issue also bother you at this stage, for that also don’t let any confusions remain and take proper care
Tula – Avoid getting into differences on small issues, there is nothing adversely wrong for which you should get into tension
Week special – Even in personal relationships, you will have to protect your situation, getting into unnecessary stress or conflicts is not advisable, you will otherwise get away from your well wishers
Vrishchik – Emotional angle is very strong, you are inclined to be attached and draw a lot of happiness in the process
Do – Even your own people are very supportive to you at this stage, you can carry your thoughts forward but you must remain caring towards others
Don’t – Don’t be unfair towards any one at this stage, try to understand the views and feelings of others in as much measure as you can
Dhanu – Happiness in home and family is ensured adequately, your own involvement may have ups and downs but overall pattern is very stable at this stage
Week special – Keep your own confusions or dissatisfactions under control, keep your expectations also such that you do not cause any pressures for yourself, draw the best of happiness which this situation is able to provide
Makar – Your efforts are remarkable and you are highly motivated, even your discussions with others can prove to be beneficial to you in many ways
Do – Travels or changes may be on your mind, but there are certain factors of confusions or uneasiness which have to be removed at this stage
Don’t – Don’t show instability of your own thoughts or actions at this stage, be good to others and remember that the goodness will pay you back fully and adequately
Kumbh – Financial position is stable and your savings will make you happy, for that reason you have to be thankful to God
Week special – Just because your financial position is stable you cannot risk that money unnecessarily, especially on all those factors of decisions which are connected with others you will have to be careful, indirectly it should not lead to your own financial pressures
Meena – Your self-confidence is high and nothing is adverse, but you are thinking too much and creating pressure for yourself without any reason,
Do – You are thinking that your money may be wasted or may not sustain, these are thoughts made up in the mind whereas the reality is not such
Don’t – Don’t therefore spoil the goodness of this period by thinking in terms of extremes, you have the goodness in abundance and you have to use that goodness in your work as well as in your personal life

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