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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday 15 May 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You will get excellent rewards at this stage, they can come from various sources but the best indication is from some property or from your own well wishers
Day special – Travels may be on your mind but you are a bit undecided, you are worried for the upsets of hidden factors which are continuing side by side
Vrish – Your own efforts and hard work will bring enormous rewards to you, this is a kind of success which is written in books and stories and that is what is available to you
Do – You now want to improve your savings, your routine pressures of expenses have been high and you have not been able to save substantially
Don’t – Don’t forget that you may be cheated, you have to be careful on financial matters especially because your financial position is improving
Mithun – You are not able to control your wastages as well as your impulsive decisions, that is where the problems lie and you are not able to realize that
Day special – Your decisions connected with emotional relationships are becoming more pragmatic now, but you have to shed your fears and anxieties as there is no scope for that
Karka – You are very keen to improve your financial prosperity, for that reason lot of goodness is actually built which can increase your savings
Do – You have to be careful in your outflows as that is where you have no control, lack of planning can take away all kinds of gains at this stage and you are not able to realize that
Don’t – Don’t forget that certain losses of carelessness can be there, you need to understand the implications of each step forward, don’t forget that
Simha – Changes are your mind and you are very keen to implement those changes, but there are many hidden forces and factors which are complicating this issue unnecessarily
Day special – Even certain past thoughts or memories are bothering you, that is why you are not taking careful decisions at this stage, but rewards from your work are increasing and that is a good thing
Kanya – Extremely auspicious period for financial prosperity, but wastages are now increasing at every step and you will have no control on that
Do – Funds are needed in your work as the work has to be improved, even routine kind of pressures have to be addressed for which money is required
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own well wishers and partners can be highly supportive to you, don’t therefore ignore the strength of important people around you which includes your elders also
Tula – Work related pressures can be immense, for that reason you are creating certain issues in your mind which can have negative impact
Day special – The overall auspiciousness for you is now increasing, but you are not ctrusting your own abilities and your auspiciousness at this stage, that is possible only if you are able to make your mind at ease
Vrishchik – Goodness is abundant and there is nothing adverse, professional gains are well indicated and you are happy with this situation
Do – Your own people may become against you or at least have hidden issues from you, for that reason you may be worried or bothered about your wastages also side by side
Don’t – Don’t get into any unnecessary partnership at this stage, that can take away the goodness of this period and cause unnecessary pressures, don’t let that happen
Dhanu – Psychological issues need to be controlled, you have to remain caring and cooperative towards others at this stage
Day special – Financial pressures are decreasing and conflicts are under control, but you must understand that people may have their hidden views for which you have to continue to protect yourself
Makar – Emotional relationships are strong but hidden issues are appearing nevertheless, but you are more than convinced that you want to move on that path
Do – Certain hidden differences of opinion at work place can surface, for that reason you have to understand the need to take some travel which can prove to be advantageous to you
Don’t – Don’t therefore take any relationship on its face value, look at the totality of the picture and only then take your decisions, don’t go wrong on that
Kumbh – Certain psychological issues in home and family may surface, these may have indirect linkages to work or any work in partnership
Day special – Overall auspiciousness and goodness continues, you are trying to give more importance to the knowledge and skills which can have long term impact and advantage for you, that is important to understand
Meena – Your hard work is improving your knowledge immensely, you are also becoming more and more aware that your own people are your strength
Do – Personal relationships are not as strong as they apparently seem, there are many issues and misunderstandings which you will have to face
Don’t – Don’t forget that in the process if you remain mild and caring towards others you can resolve many factors, don’t therefore create any psychological upsets in your mind as that will complicate the matters further

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