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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sunday 30 May 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – On one hand you are worried and on the other hand you are trying to improve that situation by your own efforts, that is a remarkable situation as constant involvement can resolve many issues in life
Do – Still travels, changes and big decisions are on your mind, but you are not fully convinced even though the options are seemingly good, take careful decisions
Don’t – Don’t take any big decisions where you are yourself not convinced, that is where the problem lies as it can lead to stress, pressures and even misunderstandings
Vrish – You are somewhat worried about your financial position, routine expenses and outflows are high, and that bothers you
Week special – Even your personal life issues are very heavily on your mind, but the goodness still lies that your overall financial position is comfortable and you will be able to meet your needs and responsibilities
Mithun – You are caring towards others and that fact will help you achieve lot of happiness, but you are worried at the same time as pressures are continuing to bother you
Do – You will get excellent support in your work at this stage, that will make your overall well being intact and that is another name of success
Don’t – Don’t worry about your financial position so much, there is no need for that as these are the thoughts made up in your mind,
Karka – Some wastages or health related factors can actually bother you, you think that everything will be all right and luck will favor you
Week special – Largely it is a situation in which lot of peace and patience is required, you cannot leave things to chance and you will have to take care, especially on health matters you cannot be careless
Simha – Your dissatisfactions lie in the fact that your rewards are not as strong as your efforts are, similarly in personal life there are issues which bother you
Do – If you are in a relationship then there are inbuilt factors of pressures and stress, your own people or your elders may not appreciate your views and that is where the problem lies
Don’t – Don’t forget that careful handling of the circumstances can actually help you, it may require patience and it may require expressing your views, but you are not able to trust others in any discussion
Kanya – Work related matters are on your mind and you are not fully happy, routine kind of stress and pressures are continuing which are not letting the smooth flow of things emerge
Week Special – Your involvement in home and family is important, your own people are very strong and caring for you and that is the strength which you carry
Tula – Generally stable and lucky period, but you are not able to draw that goodness fully as you are yourself not convinced
Do – Even in your good intensions you are creating misunderstandings and differences with others, that is where I feel that you are not being fully understood by others
Don’t – Don’t be too forceful in your attitude as that is not going to help, remaining mild can be a better strategy to win friends and influence people
Vrishchik – Losses are indicated for you and you have to be careful, especially from people whom you consider your own well wishers you may be cheated
Week special – Some health concerns can also be there as you are careless about your eating and drinking habits, some moderation is required on that, some strong emotional flow can build up which may lead to some love relationship
Dhanu – Stress in personal life can be there and you have to be careful with your partners, there can be unnecessary misunderstandings which need to be protected
Do – Your own apprehensions need to be removed side by side, your own goodness will come and help you immensely
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial situation needs to be protected, on that factor at least too much of trust is also not good
Makar – You neglect yourself completely and that leads to health related issues, your own psychological uneasiness is one reason which leads to problems for you
Week special – The best way to handle this period is to communicate with others, your own focus towards others must remain positive and you have to leave the rest to God at this stage
Kumbh – You are worried as to how your relationships are emerging, but there is lot of inbuilt protection despite your worries which you carry
Do – Your own goodness is immense in which you are able to convey your feelings well, for that reason the overall auspiciousness is also with you to protect you in many ways
Don’t – In the face of all this goodness don’t stress and trouble yourself so much, don’t also think that everything is a problem, have faith in God
Meena – Your expectations from home, family or property are very high, and when those expectations are not met you tend to get into stress and misunderstandings
Week special – Show your goodness abundantly and you will be benefited, keep peace and patience especially in your work place and you will see that everything is in your control, but most important is that you must keep your expectations low and within practical realm of things

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