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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thursday 20 May 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – The stress and pressures in home and family are because of your own making, you are expecting too much and in the process being unfair also, a little bit of carefulness in that can improve matters
Do – Involve with others fully, even in workplace try to understand the views of others, stability is more important than getting into conflicts
Don’t – Don’t be too rigid in what you think, you may have a point but others may also have their own viewpoint, don’t forget that
Vrish – Your own efforts are remarkable and that will help you, but you have to avoid thinking in terms of extremes and fulfilling your desires at any cost
Day special – You can lead to pressures in relationships if you are not careful, as such your financial position has to be protected for which you need to be more careful
Mithun – Your thinking about money can actually help you, your resolve to work hard towards that is also indicated
Do – You have to understand that proper discussions and negotiations can help you at this stage, only then you will be able to gain from home or property in the manner in which you expect
Don’t – Don’t get into any financial distress or disputes, resolve the matters there and then, that will provide the goodness which is required
Karka – Your involvement and focus towards your work is remarkable, that will lead to improvement in due course as there has been lot of deficiency in that
Day special – Overall your own self-confidence is likely to help you enormously, that will bring the goodness and auspiciousness which you want and which you deserve
Simha – Financial position is stable and luck is favoring you on that, but your own unplanned ways can lead to more of expenses and spoil the goodness
Do – Keep a lot of restrain in what you think or decide, that pattern will help you enormously, even in relationships or with elders you have to be careful
Don’t – Don’t get into any unnecessary arguments at this stage, especially on matters connected with money there is no point in entering into any heated argument
Kanya – Routine kind of pressures can be there, you may also risk your money unnecessarily by taking those needless decisions
Day Special – Even in workplace a lot of patience is required, you cannot let day to day issues overpower you and reduce your own efforts
Tula – You have to understand the needs of your own people or your partner, even if you think that the other person is being unfair
Do – Your involvement in work is remarkable and that will help you eventually, changes, pressures and even losses can be there which need to be controlled
Don’t – Don’t forget that money position may be problematic, there are needs to be fulfilled for which pressures may continue, don’t forget that
Vrishchik – Issues about health can also be there, there have been lack of diagnosis and lack of treatment from your side
Day special – Overall luck is supporting you and helping you immensely, but there are many factors which need proper care and planning which is the deficiency of this period
Dhanu – Your own people and supporters will motivate you to work hard, that factor will help you even to learn more which is essential for future
Do – Psychologically you have to remain calm, far off linkages or changes may not seem so lucrative at this stage, but eventually those factors may also help you
Don’t – Don’t let any difficult situations appear with the boss, try to understand the fact that you have to perform and boss has to be happy with that performance
Makar – Home and family is important, stress has to be controlled and luck may favor you in that effort
Day special – Your involvement with your own people is remarkable, that should be the focus on a constant basis so that you are able to derive the goodness which you have
Kumbh – Your own pressures can help you to get the motivation which has been lacking, your own efforts have been deficient for a while which is a cause for concern
Do – Primarily your relationships also need to be given the boost which is required, you have to shed the fears which you carry as they are quite unnecessary
Don’t – Don’t forget that there is competition for you at your workplace, in whatever work you are involved you have to accept, that can come only with your own efforts
Meena – Financial gains are indicated to you, lot of goodness is as such appearing which will help you
Day special – Overall prosperity is indicated to you, your own well-being is more important than anything else, and you are abundantly blessed with that

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