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Friday, May 28, 2010

Saturday 29 May 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are worried about some routine kind of differences or misunderstandings, you are also worried as to how this will shape your future relationships from now on
Day special – You are getting too much worried whereas the problems do not seem to be as much, some confusions may remain but very soon the situation will improve, you may have to also think about people who are far away and that may bother you also at the same time
Vrish – Money may be spent and relationships may be under pressure, but you will still have to remain caring towards your own people as that is important
Do – While doing anything in life remember that you have to maintain your forcefulness and maintain your optimism, that is essential at this stage and that will help you
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own people are highly supportive and helpful towards you, you will have to therefore discuss your matters by creating some amount of trust in your mind and that will resolve the matters
Mithun –You are looking at many types of gains including financial gains, happiness is also one of the advantageous situations which can be yours by some effort
Day special – Remaining stressed will never give you happiness, circumstances are generally well placed to give you that kind of focus, but you will have to avoid getting into any disputes
Karka – Routine kind of pressures can be there in whatever work you are involved, even in relationships routine issues may lead to certain arguments at this stage
Do – Your own abilities and performance will give you the rewards, but your thought process about some loved one can give you stress
Don’t – Don’t ignore the need to put in that extra effort which is required in your work, don’t also forget that your money or your savings need to be protected by careful handling and careful planning
Simha – Luck is favoring you immensely, especially on matters connected with money you are blessed
Day special – In issues of home and family you are getting remarkable support, but you are worried for your own people as you are extremely sensitive about them, for which you will have to keep your cool and not get angry
Kanya – Work related matters can become somewhat stressful, funds are needed and patience is needed,
Do – You have to protect yourself from wastages or obstacles of sudden nature at this stage, you may even get worried on financial matters because your needs are growing
Don’t – Don’t still forget that most of these issues are self made, if you move each step forward carefully then many of these issues can actually be protected
Tula – Luck may favor you in many ways, but your wastages are not getting controlled and you are dejected
Day special – Funds are needed by you or your loved ones, your planning is poor because you are not able to trust others, that is why you are annoying many people around you at this stage
Vrishchik – Routine kind of stress and differences can continue to be there, but it is of your own making and you are responsible, your own loved ones are suffering because of your uneasiness and outbursts
Do – Devote as much time in your work as you can, this period actually requires that focus to remove the pressures and problems which you face
Don’t – Don’t forget that certain emotional matters can lead to upsets in your family, if you are getting into some love relationship then you have to be all the more careful
Dhanu – You are somewhat getting worried about your work, for that reason you are even motivated to improve your knowledge or make yourself acceptable for the job market
Day special – Some amount of care is needed to keep your bosses happy, personal life is stable and vibrant and there is no worry on that, God is kind and therefore you have to be thankful for all these virtues
Makar – Luck is favoring you to stabilize your personal life, but routine and minor issues may still bother you or upset you
Do – Ignore certain factors of your home or personal life and you will be happy, certain things will have to be accepted as a reality as that can save you and protect you from embarrassment
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own motivation is remarkable, that can take care of many weaknesses also side by side and that is what you should target, work hard, communicate with others, talk about your issues and you will resolve many of these factors
Kumbh – Work related matters are becoming better now, your focus is increasing and you are trying to improve your past weaknesses which were there for some time
Day special – Psychologically this period needs lot of care, many factors of love relationships can be resolved with care, you will have to shed the uneasiness or lack of trust in the bargain
Meena – Financial gains are indicated for you, overall self-confidence is stable for you,
Do – You must remember that luck has no role at this stage, it may lead to problems if you unnecessarily depend on luck
Don’t – Don’t also let your financial issues or your savings be under any kind of distress, don’t let misunderstandings increase as that can spoil the goodness

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