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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wednesday 26 May 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are disillusioned about people around you, you are dissatisfied to the extent that you are harming yourself and creating stress for yourself
Do – As a result certain psychological conflicts are also appearing which need to be controlled, but as the day progresses you are actually getting away from your own people which has to be avoided
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own mistakes are paramount, you have to become good to others and only then you will be able to resolve these issues
Vrish – Your remaining dissatisfied will cause more problems than what you are thinking today, in fact in any discussion also you feel that people are scheming against you and plotting against you
Day special – These are the psychological factors under which you are moving in life, this is stressful because you are not trying to resolve the issues in the manner in which you should do, that is important to understand
Mithun – In relationships in home, family or in marriage a very positive attitude will have to be maintained, relationships are strong but you are not sure whether you can take it to the next level
Do – Have faith in yourself and have faith in others, your own people are highly supportive towards you but you will have to draw that goodness
Don’t – Don’t think that money alone can solve the problems, it is your own goodness and you are coming out of stress which will help eventually
Karka – In home and family and in personal life there are too many thoughts which are continuing to bother you, that is why the overall pattern has been lacking but very soon improvement is emerging
Day special – You are even trying to take decisions which can be big and which may take you away, these are the forces of changes which are on the mind and you are highly determined to achieve those factors
Simha – Your own hard work is lacking that is why your performance is lacking, but you are trying to achieve the financial goodness without actually working hard towards it
Do – On financial matters at least you will have to protect your situation very carefully, you cannot trust someone who may cause any loss to you
Don’t – In personal relationships your dissatisfactions are valid, there are many forces which are strong and which can oppose your plans, don’t therefore expect anything magical in this regard
Kanya – You are not satisfied with your investment plans, funds are needed for your work as well as for fulfilling your dreams of investment
Day Special – Matters connected with work must take priority, only then other things can become favorably placed and that is important
Tula – Despite having abundant ability you are not able to perform as much as you can, that is why people are dissatisfied with your efforts and that is where the problem is
Do – Psychologically you will have to be more upbeat, very soon those circumstances will appear when people will come forward and help you in a big way
Don’t – Don’t forget that people who are important in your sphere must be given due importance, this kind of protection is absolutely essential at this stage
Vrishchik – Your financial position may be strong and stable, but your dissatisfactions are something which are made up in the mind and which may not be the reality
Day special – For that reason you are becoming a loner and getting away from your own people, that is unfortunate because you are not able to draw the happiness which this goodness provides
Dhanu – Many factors are there which keep you uneasy, especially on matters connected with disagreements of money you will have to keep a lot of patience
Do – You need to help others and support others, that may include financial help also which you must fulfill
Don’t – Don’t forget that personal life can be happy and harmonious if you try to find that happiness, and that is abundantly available without any problems, don’t forget that
Makar – You are worried for travels, outflow or expenses, these are the apprehensions which come as a result of certain differences of opinion about expenses, outflows or losses
Day special – Work is important and that needs to be protected, you are getting into a phase where unnecessary differences may be there which are not really required
Kumbh – Financial issues are important and you are worried, actually your financial position is so stable that there is nothing adverse, but your own extremes of thinking and expectations are such which are causing you mental distress
Do – This very period is helping you in your desire for relationships, despite some hidden factors you have that motivation with which you can move forward
Don’t – Don’t forget that personal life issues are happily placed, you have to draw that goodness fully at this stage for which you will have to become more optimistic
Meena – Work needs more involvement, more than anything else it needs positive flow of your thoughts which is important
Day special – Overall prosperity is indicated, but certain unexpected issues in personal life or in home and family may crop up which may make you unhappy, protect yourself from such hidden factors which are causing distress

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