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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sunday 23 May 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You are getting into stress and arguments in some love relationship, for that very reason the impact of your uneasiness is reflecting in your work in which misunderstandings are continuing
Week special – You will have to understand that confusions or dissatisfactions will lead to problems only, that will increase your conflicts and that is where you need to protect this situation
Vrish – You are taking your decisions with money on your mind, and you are stressed because your savings are not taking shape the way you want
Do – You are therefore handling your relationships also in a commercial sense, as such your overall prosperity is intact and there is no need for doing that
Don’t – Don’t let your savings get disturbed because of your unplanned ways, you are putting your savings into risk at this stage which is complicating your relationships also side by side, don’t let that happen
Mithun – Travels, changes and alternatives are on your mind, the overall impact of trying to get gains from your own people is also on your mind
Week special – The process and pattern is such that you are creating more of wastages and less of advantages for yourself, that is where a lot of peace and patience is required as otherwise you are creating problems for yourself
Karka – Financial gains are well indicated, even your efforts to improve your work are showing remarkably and that is a good thing to see
Do – Someone is trying to take advantage of you, you have to protect yourself so that no one is able to cheat you
Don’t – Don’t forget that there may be lot of ups and downs of the attitude of people around you, even your supporters may not show the same inclination or regularity to help you at this stage
Simha – Your involvement in your work is remarkably placed, for that reason you will be able to get lot of rewards at this stage which will prove to be beneficial
Week special – Financial prosperity therefore is intact, even in situations of stress and conflicts you will gain, but avoid getting into heated arguments at this stage
Kanya – Changes may prove to be auspicious to you, but side by side lot of stress will be built which you will have to control
Do – In personal relationships and especially in love relationship you have to show stability and regularity, you prove your honesty and other things will be taken care of
Don’t – Don’t forget that your home and family can be very supportive to you, that is the auspiciousness which you carry and which can take you very far
Tula – Stress is inbuilt at this stage, you are trying to accomplish so many things at the same time which is not advantageous
Week special – Your money may get struck and you may be distressed, for that reason differences of opinion are also showing for which you will have to show a lot of restraint
Vrishchik – You have to help others financially and otherwise, you have to avoid getting into financial differences of opinion also side by side
Do – Overall pattern is such that your own hard work can help you out at this stage, relationships are important but they cannot override all your decisions
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own involvement has to be very positive, you have to remain optimistic to move forward in life and also be good at the same time
Dhanu – You are getting into stressful situations even at work, lot of peace and patience is required and more so regularity of your own efforts is needed
Week special – Work related involvement also requires need to upgrade yourself, very soon those circumstances will appear in which you will have to improve your own knowledge, that will prove to be beneficial eventually
Makar – There is a question mark on your abilities for which you will have to protect yourself, that is why there are stress and differences indirectly which you are facing
Do – Your efforts can help you, but your own involvement and discussions can help you more, auspiciousness will have to be created with your own hard work
Don’t – Don’t forget that changes can seem to be lucrative, but you are very confused and not able to take decisions, that is where the pressure lies
Kumbh – Your own people are important to you but you are carrying lot of stress on your mind, this stress is self-created and not as much real as you think
Week special – I feel that your own involvement is not up to the mark, that is why you are trying to blame others whereas the pointing finger lies at you only
Meena – This period has to motivate you and people have to tell you that you need to work hard, carrying false self- confidence is not needed
Do – Understand the need that people around you can be helpful and you can gain from them, but the best indication is that you have to get the motivation and guidance so that you can move forward yourself,
Don’t – Don’t forget that you carry a lot of goodness at this stage, but more importantly that goodness has to be proved and used favorably, don’t let luck decide your actions at this stage

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