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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Friday 26 November 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You want to be happy, but psychologically you are creating situations which are conflicting in your mind, that is leading to differences and stress in your life
Do – Stay peaceful and find happiness in your personal life, that will give you the patience which is required
Don’t – Don’t let any complications arise in monetary matters, taking or giving of loans must be handled very carefully
Vrish – You are not able to use your abilities properly and in the right direction, that is why there are many confusions on your mind indirectly which are not looking good
Day special – You are very firm in your views, that is why you think that whatever you have on your mind is the right thing to do, that may not be correct
Mithun – You are very caring towards your own people, that will give you the stability & happiness which you require at this stage
Do – Discuss your matters & convey your thoughts, that will help you to win friends and influence people, be good to others and enjoy your prosperity, but share your happiness with your own people as that will give you that lasting satisfaction in life which you require
Don’t – Don’t be too firm in whatever you speak, listen to others also at the same time
Karka – This period is motivating you to work hard, but you are still not able to use your efforts in the right direction and in the right manner
Day special – Whatever efforts you make will have to be pointed and not wasteful, any decisions taken in confusions may not work out to your advantage
Simha – Financial gains can be there but may not be sustained, you may arrange money but may not put that money into right use
Do – Impulsive thoughts on conflicts can complicate the matters, you will have to therefore keep lot of patience and be very mild
Don’t – Don’t get away from people as that is not going to solve your problems, discuss your matters with a cool mind and you will be benefited
Kanya – Your personal well-being is important to you, financial prosperity is well placed and you are blessed
Day Special – This entire pattern shows that you want to create a great balance between your work and personal life, that can bring happiness & prosperity abundantly
Tula – If you have thoughts of changes on your mind then you will have to be a bit careful, you must realize that your overall situation is stable and you are happy
Do – Unnecessary changes have to be avoided especially if they are on account of your impulsive thoughts, look at the stability, goodness & your committed involvement, that is your strength
Don’t – Don’t therefore risk this stability in any manner, enjoy this prosperity which God has given you
Vrishchik – Overall financial goodness is with you, your hard work has provided this goodness for you which is remarkable
Day special – Luck is favoring you & helping you to move forward, you have to see this goodness also in terms of happiness which is available to you from your own people
Dhanu – Work is important and your thoughts are now hovering on that, you will have to discuss your matters and plan your moves accordingly
Do – Keep your mind very cool and that will help you, being too rigid in your approach is also not right as that can complicate matters
Don’t – Don’t ignore the developments which are now shaping up to gradually stabilize your career, you are coming out of the period of stress on that count
Makar – Generally stable & lucky period in many ways, especially on financial matters the goodness continues which you will have to take advantage of
Day special – Your own people are supportive and you are blessed, that is the advantage which you can take at this stage to understand them and connect with them
Kumbh – Stress & pressures can be there, largely you will have to plan well and protect yourself
Do – Health is a factor which needs care, that is why you have to be very flexible to understand the needs of this period
Don’t – Don’t let any problems arise in your financial planning, even minor issues will have to be given importance otherwise your money may be in difficulty
Meena – You will have to fulfill the needs of people around you which includes your loved ones & well-wishers, as such your relationships are vibrant and you are happy with that
Day special – Psychologically you are being too firm in your approach, that is why you are yourself getting away from people who mean a lot to you, don’t let this stress emerge in your life unnecessarily

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