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Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday 1 November 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are not happy with your relationship, you are undecided and that is why you are changing your views
Day special – While communicating with others you are hiding your views and not being transparent in your views, you are also being harsh to others and therefore lot of unfairness is there in your behavior, there is need to change that or improve that
Vrish – You are thinking seriously about home or property but there are many issues attached to it, on one hand you are not happy with your savings and you are not able to convert your thoughts into reality
Do – Augmenting financial position by taking loans can be one aspect of it, but your efforts in that are not adequate, that needs to be improved
Don’t – Don’t forget that the overall pattern is not very supportive, you may want to do so much but this is a period which leads to differences of opinion as well, that is why patience is needed
Mithun – Despite your desire to work hard you are not able to do so, you have the ability but you are not able to convert that into any advantageous situation for you
Day special – This is an overall period which is creating a sense of disillusionment on your mind, you are having lack of trust for yourself which is making you uneasy
Karka – Financial position is on your mind but expenses or outflows are also worrying you, for that reason you are apprehensive whether you can fulfill what you wish to do now
Do – Most important thing to do is to protect yourself from any wastage or loss, some one may try to take advantage of you and that is where carefulness is needed
Don’t – Don’t plan for any big investment at this stage, you may have to change your decisions subsequently and that has to be avoided
Simha – You are worried at this stage for various reasons, financial planning is not as great at this stage and there are deficiencies in your own focus
Day special – This period may motivate you to work hard but may not help you to achieve that fully as per your thoughts, hence mere thinking is not going to help and you will have to convert those thoughts into reality
Kanya – Worries connected with work are there and you may actually be risking your work situation enormously, for that reason you will have to try & maintain a lot of stability and make your thoughts also stable,
Do – Being too impulsive is not desired, especially if you are trying to base your decisions on the strength of money it can be more upsetting
Don’t – Don’t forget that your financial position can be wasteful unless you take care, the best situation is that you have the ability and that has to be put into right use
Tula – You are worried for your financial inflows as you think that you are capable of greater achievements and greater success in life, for that reason you may even blame your luck as you are not getting the best out of this situation
Day special – Your own wastages are causing the present upsets, your wasteful decisions or your wasteful outflows need to be controlled by proper & careful planning
Vrishchik – There may be hidden factors which are playing its role side by side, they may seem to be routine issues but they can be harmful unless you take adequate care
Do – Your self-confidence is high and that is making you somewhat rigid, there is need for you to slowdown or become very humble especially in your work place
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck may support you, but the person sitting across the table may change his views and which may cause pressures on you, that is where you have to be careful
Dhanu – Family issues are on your mind and you are somewhat stressed also, you also need to plan your finances as your expenses are very high
Day special – Some amount of wastages will be there, it is a question of how well you can plan so that those wastages are controlled
Makar – Routine kind of issues may lead to differences of opinion, especially in work related matters you will have to take adequate care on that
Do – Psychologically if you remain peaceful then many things can be maintained to your advantage, for that reason you must understand that financial prosperity is with you and you are blessed
Don’t – Don’t unnecessarily plan for any big changes at this stage, you may be uneasy or undecided and that can complicate the matters further
Kumbh – Emotional relationships are heavy on your mind but you are not happy at the same time, you may realize that your own people are not supportive to you as much as you want and they are changing their views also
Day special – This is a period to keep patience, you cannot push your ideas so much as that is not going to resolve your issues, hence wait for the right time to come
Meena – You have thoughts for your own people on your mind, that is why this period is stressful to the extent that many issues are cropping up side by side
Do – Health is a factor which has to be cared for, it may just be a minor factor for self or for your own people and little bit of carefulness can help, even in relationships protect yourself from any impulsive views, anything spoken in harshness can cause upsets
Don’t – Don’t forget to keep your own goodness intact for others, even if others are changing their views you have to maintain your own goodness

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