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Friday, November 19, 2010

Saturday 20 November 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are thinking of some serious relationship, if married you are very caring towards your partner
Do – At the same time you are in a state of thinking which can create differences of opinion, for that you will have to become very mild from your side
Don’t – Don’t forget that monetary situation is favorable, but you cannot risk your money to be put under any kind of difficulty
Vrish – Taking & giving of loans may be on your mind, for that reason you are aware that your expenses are high & wasteful
Day special – At the same time you have to do so much more for others, that may take away money and that may take away your time & effort, you will have to exercise some moderation on that as well
Mithun – Some love relationship is very heavy on your mind, even to the extent that you wish to fulfill your desires at any cost
Do – The pattern is such that you may get into differences or misunderstandings, you will have to show your goodness at any cost and only then relationships can flourish
Don’t – On financial matters also don’t get into any kind of differences of opinion, that may complicate the matters further and that is not required
Karka – Home & family is important and the warmth of home is abundantly available to you, that is the goodness with which you are moving forward in life and financial position is supporting you
Day special – Work related situation can be strong & beneficial, you may be viewed as an expert in your own field and people may look up to you for help or guidance
Simha – This period is motivating you immensely in a very lucky manner, for that reason your efforts & performance can be remarkable and you will be benefited with that
Do – You are very home-centric and focused towards your own people, that is why a lot of goodness & happiness can be with you if you make a little bit of effort
Don’t – Don’t forget that there can be some stress connected with money in the process, but as long as the money is being spent for your own people or for your own happiness there is nothing really to worry
Kanya – Financial position is stable and you are happy with that, but you are still having some unplanned ways or views connected with money
Day Special – There can be hindrances created in your mind which may upset your efforts & performance, for that reason some amount of carefulness and peace of mind can help you immensely to make things stable
Tula – Your self-confidence is high and your own well-being is important to you, at the same time you carry lot of goodness for others as well
Do – You may care for others fully & whole heartedly, that may bring in enormous rewards for you and you will be benefited
Don’t – Don’t still forget that you will have to remain very polite in what you speak, in your forcefulness you should not hurt any one at this stage
Vrishchik – Your expenses may continue to be high and that is where some carefulness is needed, but you may convince yourself that what you are thinking is right
Day special – Psychologically therefore you will have to understand that firmness of views is a good thing, but carrying that kind of firmness all the time is not advantageous, that is where some peace & patience is required
Dhanu – Financial position is stable but your expenses are continuing to be high, for that reason you must understand that being good to others does not mean that you can be wasteful in your ways
Do – Care is needed in relationships, for that reason if you postpone some big decisions for a while it may be advantageous to you
Don’t – Financial prosperity is something which will have to be protected, therefore don’t be too liberal in your thoughts as that can be dangerous
Makar – Professional angle is stable and there is all kind of goodness available to you, even from your own people you will stand to gain and stand to be benefited
Day special – Financial angle is well placed and there is nothing to worry, but there may be jealousies around you connected with your financial prosperity for which you will have to be careful
Kumbh – Luck is favoring you immensely and that is the goodness which you carry, as a result your own performance & hard work will benefit you now
Do – Work can be exceedingly rewarding & satisfying, people may be supportive and your own goodness may be helpful
Don’t – Don’t still forget that there are upsets of hidden nature which will have to be protected, especially on matters connected with outflows or changes you will have to understand the hidden obstacles behind that
Meena – You may have good intentions but they may not work out in that manner, that is why obstacles may arise despite your positive thoughts about your hard work and goodness for others
Day special – Largely still this is a lucky period, you will see that many things will continue to be favorable despite some pressures which you may face, that is the goodness which must be carried forward, professional matters need to be protected as much as you can

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