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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Monday 29 November 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are very focused towards some love relationship, and you are also willing to create a permanent bond
Day special – Still you are aware that despite your firmness there are many obstacles in this relationship, you will have to therefore struggle to carry it forward and that can be quite an effort
Vrish – Stress in home & family is indicated as you are continuing to be very strong in your views, but you must understand that the views of others around you and the wish of God is stronger at any point
Do – You will have to give importance to your own people, your mental inclination is also such, but you are not able to take the advantage of your goodness
Don’t – Don’t carry conflicts on your mind & confusions on your mind, it is possible to be transparent in your views, and that is what you should try & achieve
Mithun – You want to really work hard to prove yourself in life, but your efforts are diverted and not in the right direction
Day special – On the contrary you are wasting your money thinking about relationships, that is where the entire problem lies as your own focus & involvement is getting lost and taking you away from your focus
Karka – Home is important and your involvement towards your personal life is essential, you also want to do so much for your own people and that thought is remarkable
Do – At the same time some love relationship is strong on your mind and you want to convey your thoughts or discuss your matters, whatever you discuss is going to be beneficial to you
Don’t – Don’t forget that work related matters need to be given due importance, especially the fact that you are capable must be known to others, for that you will have to showcase your abilities
Simha – This is a highly motivating period for you, if you work towards your goals you are surely going to succeed
Day special – Success in career and success in your efforts is indicated, as a result there is lot of happiness in home & family as your involvement is total & devoted
Kanya – Your thoughts about money are very intense, on one hand you want to save and on the other hand you are not able to control your expenses
Do – Some amount of impulsiveness for changes or change of place or travels is on your mind, you are trying to convince yourself that whatever you are thinking is right
Don’t – Don’t still forget that this is a generally lucky period, if you keep your diversions of mind under control you will see that everything is stable & fruitful
Tula – This period gives you excellent self-confidence, you can attempt anything and succeed in that as well
Day special – Rewards are abundant and your thinking is focused, but you are not able to take adequate care about your health because of your eating & drinking habits, that is where some moderation is needed
Vrishchik – Your expenses are becoming uncontrolled and that is where you will have to take care, even in your work you will have to devote fully & whole heartedly so that your plans are executed as per your thinking
Do – Your involvement in work is great and you will be able to accomplish all this, the goodness therefore lies in the fact that luck is also favoring you
Don’t – Don’t be wasteful as that is not going to help you in any way, don’t therefore be lavish in what you wish to do for others
Dhanu – Financial situation is stable but it should keep you grounded and on your feet, don’t fly too much that you create losses for yourself in the process
Day special – On matters connected with home & family you are totally committed & involved, possibly that is the linkage of this period because of which you are getting the support of your partner also fully
Makar – Career related matters are important on your mind, but you are stressed in certain ways which is showing
Do – Your abilities need to be kept vibrant and focused, only then you will be able to perform as per what others have expectations from you
Don’t – Don’t risk your money just because money is comfortable, you will have to take any decision connected with investments very carefully, don’t go wrong on that
Kumbh – Luck is abundantly with you and there is nothing to really worry, so much so that your partners are supportive towards you and helpful to take your career & life forward
Day special – From your side you want to be nice to others, but somehow you get stressed and that is not looking good, control your impulsiveness in this manner
Meena – You are creating obstacles for yourself because of your own thinking, even to the extent that favorable circumstances are becoming against you because of your carelessness
Do – Lot of peace & patience is required, your decisions cannot be too strong or fixed
Don’t – Don’t get away from people or don’t take decisions which are too harsh, you will have to think of the middle path also and that is only going to help

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