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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Monday 22 November 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are very inclined to enjoy your prosperity in terms of money and in terms of eating good food, in this celebration your own people are joining you in wishing you well
Do – You will also have to appreciate the goodness which others have for you, they can help you and provide that guidance which is essential
Don’t – Don’t let your performance get reduced in any manner, that can be harmful to you at this stage when everything seems to be going well
Vrish – Your own self-confidence is high and your motivation will help you to work hard and to progress, for that reason your self-confidence will help you to overcome many obstacles at the same time
Day special – Try to involve your own people as much as you can, connect with them and you will see that your own goodness will further improve
Mithun – Some amount of impulsiveness may still be there on your mind, for that reason you may be very keen to fulfill your desires at any cost and that is where some moderation is needed
Do – Try to understand the fact that relationships are important and they have to be carried forward, by your own extremes of thinking you cannot spoil your relationships at this stage
Don’t – Don’t get into any kind of stress or differences as a result of your own forceful thinking, that is actually not required
Karka – Financial prosperity is intact and that is the advantage of this period, this is giving you a sense of fulfillment & accomplishment at the same time
Day special – Personal happiness is intact, overall prosperity is indicated even in home as well as in matters connected with investments and property
Simha – Overall pattern is very indicative for professional gains, this period is further motivating you to work hard and to achieve much more
Do – You may have some thoughts connected with change also on your mind, but these are the thoughts of too much of thinking which needs to be controlled
Don’t – Don’t let this goodness get wasted as this has to be put in the right direction, your own people can be supportive in many ways to connect with you and to take your achievements to a higher level
Kanya – Luck is favoring you immensely and financial position is improving further, this is the overall pattern of advantage under which you are placed which will be highly rewarding even in the days to come
Day Special – Luck is one aspect of it and your own involvement is another, this period is also actually helping you to work really hard and to achieve much more in life
Tula – Professional angle may be stable but you are stressing yourself a bit too much, for that reason you are creating pressures for yourself which are not really required
Do – Your self-confidence is a matter which will help you immensely, even on matters connected with money or financial savings you are blessed
Don’t – Don’t therefore think too much and spoil the goodness of this period, don’t even think of major changes at this stage as they are not really required
Vrishchik – If you connect with others you will be benefited, so much so that your personal wishes & desires will also be fulfilled in the process
Day special – Mutual cooperation with others, with your associates, partners or well-wishers is very essential, you may be forceful in your views and your partners may be forceful in their views, but a common ground has to be achieved to take the relationships forward
Dhanu – Some amount of stress is there on your mind which possibly needs patience, but in the process you are becoming too aggressive or wasteful in your views and in your decisions
Do – Financial prosperity may be intact but that is not the reason to spoil it at this stage, for that reason lot of carefulness is needed in your decisions on day to day basis
Don’t – Don’t ignore your health as that is important, some amount of regularity in terms of your activity or exercise is a must
Makar – Your own abilities can shine and give you the advantage in your work as well, even the angle of your relationships can get a boost as a result of this indication and you may get into some love relationship as well
Day special – Work is important and you can actually get the advantage from that, as a result your financial position is also helping you to take your life to the higher levels of achievements
Kumbh – Personal life is stable but some amount of psychological stress may also be there, you will have to therefore look at the goodness of people around you which will help you to overcome this stress
Do – Luck is favoring you and work related situation is helping you, routine kind of pressures may be there but overall pattern is supportive & helpful
Don’t – Don’t therefore be stressed in any way, don’t have any lack of trust or for your own abilities as that is not required
Meena – Your efforts & involvement is remarkable, but that is not being put to the right use as you are using your energy in some wasteful manner
Day special – If you are keen to go deep into your thoughts and bring out something which is hidden then that can be the good advantage, in any research minded effort you will be benefited

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