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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sunday 21 November 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You are annoying many people around you which includes your close relationships as well, but you are thinking in terms of extremes and possibly harming your own interests in the process
Week special – You may be caring towards your own people, but at the same there are mistakes from your side which have to be corrected, you cannot annoy people who are important which includes your boss as well
Vrish – You think in a favorable manner for your own people but somehow you are getting away from them at the same time, therefore relationships are under stress which needs to be cared and controlled
Do – From your side you can try & please others at whatever cost, even it includes expenses to be incurred you may still do them
Don’t – Don’t therefore let any kind of ego come in between the path of good relationships, don’t be too rigid in any manner as that can complicate the matters
Mithun – Despite your positive efforts you are not able to break the ice and bring about improvement in your life, in fact this period is creating more or misunderstandings than any comfort
Week special – Circumstances are made up in a manner that you may get into stress and controversies, therefore lot of peace & patience is required from your side otherwise you will have to repent at a later date
Karka – This is a period to actually increase your own knowledge & skills in many ways, you have the ability to speak well and that can be put to right use for improving your performance
Do – Work related issues take priority, routine kind of issues will have to be kept aside and you have to stay focused towards your goals
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that money has to be saved for future use, even for pleasing your own people money will have to be spent and that can bring you happiness in some love relationship as well
Simha – Your care towards your own people is remarkable, that can bring you lot of happiness in the process and you are already motivated towards that
Week special – Luck is therefore favoring you immensely, it is also helping you to put your money in the right place and on the right investment
Kanya – Travels or expenses may be on your mind, you may also be thinking of many major changes but your mind is stressed
Do – This period actually requires that you may think of options with a very cool mind, that will help you to take the right decisions at the right moment
Don’t – Don’t forget that some amount of stress is inbuilt in any effort, for doing good in life you will have to pay a price and that requires lot of peace, patience & hard work
Tula – Financial prosperity is intact and you are blessed, even your own people are being very supportive to give you the options or alternatives which may prove to be beneficial to you
Week special – While all this goodness is with you, you must be careful in what you speak, especially with people who are important you have to be careful as your spoken word can lead to misunderstandings also
Vrishchik – Work related situation is improving now, but psychologically you may be stressed handling that kind of pressure which is building up
Do – This period is helping you to gain your self-confidence, but there has to be some moderation otherwise this can lead to conflicts in your professional life as well
Don’t – Don’t also ignore your health at the same time, too much of stress can lead to health related issues although generally the period is protective in many ways
Dhanu – Luck may not favor you as much, you may also annoy people who are important around you,
Week special – You have the ability and you have to use it in the right direction, if you be wasteful in your own ways then your abilities also will be such that you will not get benefited, you will have to protect yourself from that
Makar – Any financial decision cannot be taken based on the fact that money is abundant, you will have to weigh the risk factors involved in the process
Do – Needs of home & family will have to be kept in mind, only then you will realize that stability is important to be maintained
Don’t – Don’t let any confusions be there on your mind while taking important decisions, as such the overall pattern is supportive and you have to maintain that goodness
Kumbh – Your supporters are helping you to take your career forward, they are also motivating you to take those steps forward which may prove to be beneficial
Week special – Overall professional gains are indicated, you may even get the promotion as your boss may be highly supportive of you
Meena – Luck may favor you even in the face of adversity, this is the factor which proves that luck can play its own role at times to give you the advantage
Do – Financial angle is generally stable & rewarding, for that reason you will have to think & plan rationally so that this advantage is maintained for a long time
Don’t – Don’t therefore risk your professional career in any manner, you must remove the apprehensions from your mind which are quite unnecessary in the face of goodness which you are carrying at this stage

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