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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wednesday 10 November 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are devoted to your own people and to your well-wishers, but there is still some amount of instability in which you change your views which is not right
Do – Some amount of confusion is there on your mind which keeps you dissatisfied, for that reason total devotion and constant involvement is needed
Don’t – Don’t forget that this can be a lucky period for financial prosperity, but your expenses & outflows are so erratic that stability on that factor is also needed
Vrish – Health is a concern which you will have to understand, due to your own rigid behavior you are getting into stress with your own family members which has to be controlled
Day special – Psychologically this period is making you stressed and that is where some moderation is needed, you will have to also protect yourself from obstacles which are getting created in your work as a result of your mindset
Mithun – Relationships are important and you are very keen for that, but your own involvement & efforts are lacking and you are expecting that everything will automatically take shape
Do – You will have to connect others and trust others, that will help you to resolve your issues and please your own people or your elders in this regard
Don’t – Don’t create issues from your side, that can complicate the matters unnecessarily and can lead to misunderstandings in the process, don’t let that happen
Karka – Family happiness is intact and you are blessed, investment of some sort is a possibility for which you may be looking at various options
Day special – Loans may not come easily if you are expecting that, you will have to therefore plan various sources at the same time
Simha – This period is motivating you to work really hard although your own involvement still remains lacking, there is need for you to get that motivation and act in a manner which is beneficial to you
Do – Relationships are important and you wish to take them forward, despite inherent obstacles in that the circumstances are favorably placed now
Don’t – Don’t forget that in any kind of discussion especially on relationships there can be inherent disputes, you will have to control your expressions or control your anger in the process as only then you will be benefited
Kanya – Financial prosperity is indicated and you are very happy with that, you are able to control some of your expenses also at the same time
Day Special – The period however is not very supportive for family happiness to remain intact, on one hand you are not happy with your own people and on the other circumstances are leading to cracks in relationships which need to be protected
Tula – This period motivates you to gain a lot of self-confidence, this period also is helping you to work hard to improve your knowledge & skills
Do – Still there are dissatisfactions on your mind which are not looking good, there is reason for you to understand that goodness appears when psychologically you are in line with these forces and not act or think contradictory to these forces
Don’t – Don’t forget that your savings and your accumulation of wealth can benefit you, but the most important aspect is to remain stress- free and avoid any kind of psychological issues
Vrishchik – Your expenses or outflows are high, even on pleasures you may be inclined to spend more than what is required
Day special – Focus towards investments is very strong and that is what you are planning, as a result your simultaneous gains & investments are indicated which are such that lot of careful discussions are needed
Dhanu – Financial gains are possible and you are blessed, luck may not support you but your own clarity of mind will help you to take the right decisions
Do – Most important aspect is to remain committed and remove the clutter from your mind, only then you can be stress-free and think rationally
Don’t – Don’t think of major changes or major alternatives in your work life, while lot of involvement is needed there may be pressures in work situation which will have to be handled very peacefully and pragmatically
Makar – Professional angle is stable but having ups & downs of irregularities attached to it, psychologically you are stressed and that is where the problem also lies
Day special – The indication of the chart also suggests travels, movements & lot of discussions, the pattern is such that you are benefited in various ways and that includes personal happiness in personal life as well
Kumbh – Very lucky period in many ways as various factors are in place, best indication is still for the career to be stable although routine kind of issues may bother you side by side
Do – Accept certain pressures as a reality, take it as a challenge and you will be benefited
Don’t – Don’t forget that these very challenges can be seen in a manner which is beneficial to you, you can use your own knowledge & skills to take your work or career forward and that will be an immensely satisfying situation
Meena – Obstacles are there despite your positive efforts in that regard, your efforts therefore are not directed in the right direction and that is why certain hidden conflicts or misunderstandings may also be there
Day special – Professional angle needs careful decision making, in any kind of pattern of dissatisfactions you may take wrong decisions and that where you have to protect yourself

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