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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday 6 November 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – There are many thoughts of confusions or changes on your mind, you want to do so much and yet you have to retrace your steps and go backwards
Do – First & foremost is to remove the dissatisfactions of your mind, only then you will be able to take firm and pragmatic decisions
Don’t – Don’t carry any relationships at this stage as it is not going to give you the right direction, wait for a while and let this period pass
Vrish – Weak period as your own self-created obstacles will continue to bother you, so much so that your own mind set may be negative which may even affect your health
Day special – Issues connected with your career may resurface to bother you, for that reason a period of carefulness has emerged and you will have to be cautious
Mithun – Personal issues & family issues need to be given due importance, you are not able to find that satisfaction or happiness with others which is bothering you
Do – Relationships may resurface but you are not satisfied still, that is why there are too many ups & downs of your own thinking
Don’t – On career matters or on matters connected with your partners don’t depend too much on luck, try to ascertain the facts and the reality and only then take your decisions
Karka – Weak period as many dissatisfactions will emerge, even on maters connected with conflicts there may be upsets for which you will have to protect yourself
Day special – Stay connected with your own people and you will get that strength and protection, it is very essential to understand that aspect clearly so that obstacles do not create bigger upsets
Simha – Relationships are important to you but you are stressed & dissatisfied, from your side you are taking steps forward and making those efforts which are required
Do – Communicating with others will be important, you will have to keep a lot of patience while doing so
Don’t – Don’t forget that your strength at this stage lies with your own people, certain pressures & problems in marital life may re-emerge, don’t ignore them as they will have to be resolved
Kanya – Issues connected with home & family are important, they can convert into problems or disagreements for which you will have to be careful
Day Special – You will have to discuss your matters and create a sense of protection for yourself, try to avoid issues or disagreements in personal life as they can resurface to cause upsets
Tula – Matters connected with your own hard work for improving your knowledge & skills is important, you are not able to create that focus which is required and that is where weakness lies
Do – Disagreements in some love relationship may re-emerge, that is why you are dissatisfied all over again despite your involvement in this regard
Don’t – Don’t therefore let any relationship get further complicated, keep patience and wait for a while, otherwise there is a risk of break which you may carry
Vrishchik – Matters connected with home, family or property are important on your mind, you may have to re-address many issues connected with property for which you may be even stressed
Day special – Your own self-confidence will help you to resolve many issues, largely therefore it is a situation where a little bit of peace and patience has to be maintained for a while
Dhanu – Lot of carefulness is required to handle your affairs at this stage, your dissatisfactions are continuing for your home or property for which lot of efforts are required
Do – You may have to re-start certain efforts connected with your home which may bother you, in the process your pressures on finances may also increase
Don’t – Don’t stress yourself as it is a small period of uneasiness which you may have to go through, but very soon the solutions will emerge and you will be on the right path all over again
Makar – Matters connected with money, expenses & savings all come to focus, for that reason your professional career also continues where your attention is needed,
Day special – There is overall sense of relief & protection for you, especially on financial front God is kind and many things are in place
Kumbh – Overall auspiciousness is available to you as far as financial issues are concerned, your dissatisfactions therefore are made up in the mind and not as real as you think
Do – Relationships need to be given greater care because you are not satisfied with that, you think that people around you are not honest and they are having some hidden agenda against you
Don’t – Don’t think too much and think negatively, look at the goodness which is abundantly building up for you and which includes the goodness of your career as well
Meena – Matters connected with career and changes are heavy on your mind, you are undecided and yet you want to accomplish many things side by side
Day special – Largely it is a situation where your psychological uneasiness is bothering you more than anything else, with passage of time lot of peace & patience will emerge and that will help you to resolve the issues, hence don’t take any big decision for a while and wait for the better times to come

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