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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday 9 November 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are not happy with your own performance and that is why you are blaming luck for that, but there are reasons on account of which your rigidness is the culprit at this stage
Day special – Make yourself very mild and try to understand & appreciate others’ views, for that reason you will have to make your own thinking very humble and only then you will be benefited
Vrish – You are not happy with your financial situation as you have many responsibilities to fulfill, you want to help others in many ways but it is not happening in the real sense
Do – Psychologically therefore this period stresses you & depresses you, there is need for you to be optimistic and mild so that you don’t complicate your matters especially in home & family
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial pressures may come as you will have to meet the needs of your work as well, for that also lot of planning and carefulness is required
Mithun – If you lose your self-confidence or become very apprehensive then you are going to harm yourself, that can lead to routine issues getting aggravated to convert into differences or conflicts
Day special – Connect with others and you will realize that they are basically good people, your dissatisfactions therefore will have to be removed from your mind
Karka – Wastages or losses are indicated and someone may also cheat you, but more than anything else it is a period which is making you unhappy as you are not able to draw the expected results
Do – All your efforts are directed towards relationships, for that reason you will have to plan well at each stage
Don’t – Don’t forget that health is also a relevant factor which needs to be cared, this must be done on day to day basis as it is important
Simha – Financial angle is strong and you have to plan your funds to meet your needs, you are not as happy with that because many factors need to be planned properly at this stage
Day special – If you want to invest money then there may be deficiencies in that, but more than that your impulsiveness in your outflows will have to be controlled also side by side
Kanya – Work related matters are not as satisfactory as you want, there is need for you to work really hard and only then you will be able to resolve your obstacles or remove them to your advantage
Do – Even your personal life requires care because certain issues are resurfacing to cause upsets, for that reason you will have to understand the needs of others
Don’t – Don’t be unhappy in your personal life as it can complicate matters further, try to be stable in your thinking and also be optimistic at the same time
Tula – Luck is not to be blamed unnecessarily for each step in life, your own conviction in life is more important as your involvement can resolve many issues to your advantage
Day special – This period therefore suggests that you have to work hard, if you are a student there is definite need for you to take advantage of the fact that lost time will have to be covered by your own efforts
Vrishchik – Certain hidden issues or factors may bother you, it may even make you uneasy to an extent that what you speak has to be proper
Do – There are worries on your mind connected with your investments, those worries will have to be resolved by your careful planning one step at a time
Don’t – Don’t let your expenses go out of hand, money will have to be handled with that carefulness on day to day basis so that wastages are avoided
Dhanu – Trust others as much as you can, even at the cost of some expenses on others as that will prove to be advantageous to you in the long run
Day special – Your own involvement in work will have to be sustained, your constant hard work will help you to overcome your work related issues to your advantage
Makar – Dissatisfactions of monetary matters can lead to upsets, you are dissatisfied on account of that and that is why not happy with your financial position
Do – Actually financial position is stable but you are worried for the conflicts which it can carry, that is why you have to keep cool to handle this situation
Don’t – Don’t forget that there are many hidden factors which you are not aware, they can surface but you will have to keep a very cool mind to handle them as they emerge
Kumbh – Emotional relationships are not giving you what you desire, for that reason you feel that you have not been able to handle the situation carefully
Day special – Work is important and you will have to stay committed to that, routine kind of issues will be there which will have to be accepted as a reality
Meena – Personal life matters are important to you and you are worried for your own people, you want to care for them and you will be able to do that also despite your concerns
Do – Work is more important at this stage than anything else, there are factors which you had resolved earlier but which need to be re-addressed again so that problems do not arise
Don’t – Don’t therefore let any kind of change be taken as granted, you will have to plan for all those changes and all those issues which are cropping up now so that your dissatisfactions are kept under control

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