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Monday, November 22, 2010

Tuesday 23 November 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your rigidness is showing in whatever you are doing or whatever you are speaking, that is why you are creating some problems for yourself as this can lead to unnecessary stress & pressures in life
Day special – As a result of your forcefulness you may stand to gain from your own people temporarily, but in the long run you may be harming your relationships with others and that is where you will have to exercise some moderation
Vrish – Your efforts are positive and you are caring towards others, in home & family as also in relationships this involvement is showing from your side
Do – Changes may be on your mind and change of place is something which you desire, but your own loved ones are important to you and you want to be close to them as well
Don’t – Don’t be so strong in your attitude that you do not give importance to others, that is why you will have to understand the needs of others as well
Mithun – On two fronts this period can be negative, on one hand you may put your money into risk or difficulties, on the other hand your expenses may be high and that can take away your savings
Day special – If you have to fulfill the indications of planetary influences you may create financial pressure for yourself which benefits you, you may repay your loans and by doing so both the conditions will be fulfilled
Karka – Relationships are important to you and you are making efforts to take some love relationship forward, you are also trying to resolve whatever problems are there in the form of obstacles from your elders
Do – Your care towards others can bring you lot of happiness, that should be your focus at this stage and you will be benefited with that
Don’t – Don’t give too much importance to money in the process, relationships cannot be weighed in terms of money and that can be unfortunate
Simha – Home & family is important to you and you are giving due importance from your side in any case, for that reason your focus is right and your path is right
Day special – In your career you are creating some pressures which may not be as good, everything may seem to be fine but changes will have to be considered very carefully
Kanya – Travels or changes are on your mind and you are going to take those decisions, as such luck is favoring you immensely and financial prosperity is with you
Do – All these factors are well placed but there is one aspect which needs care, your family needs to be given due importance so that conflicts do not arise
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships can be stressful and the overall pattern needs care, you must become very mild from your side and only then you will be able to handle this situation to your advantage
Tula – Stress in work or career is indicated, for that reason you may be putting yourself into risk or difficulties also unless you take care
Day special – Money is abundant and that is the motivating spirit for you, in the process you are wasting your money also in unplanned ways
Vrishchik – Luck is favoring you to increase your self-confidence further, but expenses on pleasures will have to be curtailed as that is the need of the hour
Do – Especially your partner may be more inclined to spend a bit lavishly, that is why you need to be firm to suggest or convey as to what is the right path
Don’t – Don’t therefore ignore the routine matters as they also have to be given due importance, carefulness is more important at this stage as that will help you immensely
Dhanu – Expenses are high and you are likely to indulge in that more & more, that is why your dependence on money is what you are thinking all the time
Day special – There is an indirect impact of this pattern, you may get into differences of opinion as well which is not looking good, therefore you will have to understand the views of people around you and especially your own loved ones
Makar – Financial prosperity is intact and relationships are vibrant, all in all this is a great period which you are passing through but requires some amount of care nevertheless
Do – There is need for you to remove your uneasiness as far as your decision making is concerned, you cannot be uneasy & impulsive for any big thoughts which you may have
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own people can be highly helpful at this stage, therefore this is a strong period to draw the happiness in many ways which is important
Kumbh – Career is strong and you are motivated to take it further, but some amount of stress in home & family may still be there as psychologically you need to be more at peace
Day special – Routine kind of pressures in work are still continuing for you, for that reason expenses or changes will also have to be considered with poise & patience and you cannot go wrong on that
Meena – Relationships are motivating you further, your own knowledge & skills can make your destiny and this becomes a very lucky period for that
Do – Your efforts & involvement is a bit diverted, you will have to focus on the right thing at the right time
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that there can be indirect pressures in personal life, these can be from people who are important and they may not agree with your views, that is where you will have to show your care & concern

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