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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thursday 11 November 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You want to carry some love relationship forward and convert it into a stable bond, but your desires do not seem to be as honest or pointed as you have many thoughts on your mind
Day special – You are confused & uneasy, for that reason you are not able to take the right decisions at this moment, you may have to wait for a while before the real picture emerges
Vrish – Stress is building up in the family as you are yourself getting into conflicts, as a result you are harming yourself and troubling yourself
Do – You must understand that people around you are rather forceful & you cannot fight with them, you will have to accept many things at this stage without questioning them
Don’t – Don’t as a result lose your focus, don’t also reduce your efforts or involvement in what you are doing
Mithun – Lack of concentration can give you ups & downs of your own thinking, your performance as a result can get affected and that is the problem
Day special – Your personal relationships are also under stress as you are not satisfied with many things around you, that is why misunderstandings can be there which you will have to protect
Karka – Money is required and you have to fulfill your responsibilities, for that reason you may even be keen to look at the alternatives of raising loans also
Do – You are not happy with your savings and that is why your dissatisfactions are continuing, this period may not give you the favorable outcome of your efforts and that is making you uneasy
Don’t – Don’t therefore depend on luck unnecessarily, psychologically also you may have to keep patience and stick to your focused performance
Simha – Relationships are not as satisfactory, your own efforts are also not up to the mark,
Day special – You have many thoughts on your mind and your thoughts are diverted, that is why you are not happy with your own performance, connecting with home & family is the best solution at this stage, you may also be thinking of some investment which can prove to be beneficial
Kanya – Expenses can eat into your savings, even your effort to raise loans may go waste as a result
Do – Personal life issues are paramount, you are not able to control the pressures which have been there for a while
Don’t – Don’t forget that even in some love relationship there are inherent factors of stress & pressures, you may not be able to resolve them even by your careful discussions, hence postpone any such idea
Tula – Financial inflows are not making you any happy, that is why you may have to depend on your savings to fulfill your needs at this stage
Day special – If you work hard your educational pattern can give you many alternatives, you can even think of travels for your studies as that can establish you well
Vrishchik – Career issues are not as strong at this stage and therefore peace & patience is required, on top it your outflows & expenses are high and erratic
Do – Many things will have to be done for your investments to be carried forward, you may be confused or uneasy which needs to be controlled
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own self-confidence can help you & protect you in many ways, routine kind of stress & pressures will have to be taken as a reality
Dhanu – Luck may favor you in many ways and for that reason financial issues remain stable, but you are stressed also for many reasons which includes your efforts to establish yourself in life
Day special – Some travels are also on your mind and that is complicating these matters, but a time is fast coming where you will have to seriously think of your career and about the changes which this period can give
Makar – Stress & pressures in job and from boss are possible, that is why you are not happy and you are thinking of many alternatives also now
Do – Changes or alternatives will have to be considered very carefully, you may have to discuss your matters with your elders who may guide you at this stage
Don’t – Don’t depress yourself especially on matters connected with your spouse or partners, that is not going to solve your problems
Kumbh – Personal life as well as marital life needs greater care, you cannot depend or think in terms of money alone to decide about your personal relationships
Day special – Financial prosperity may bring some stability in this process, but still you will have to keep patience, work related advantage is immense
Meena – Health related issues may surface, those need to be cared on constant basis as that is needed
Do – Professional situation needs to be cared for, changes may be on your mind but there is uneasiness connected with that
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck may be supporting you in many ways, but it also requires stability and not many changes which may not be required

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