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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sunday 28 November 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your worries that your performance is lacking is not valid, now many things are turning to your advantage despite your apprehensions
Week Special – Relationships may not be as strong and there can be hidden problems in that, keep patience as very soon those circumstances are likely to change and there will be improvement
Vrish – Your financial position is under stress, your responsibilities are high and on the other hand you are risking your savings also unnecessarily
Week special – You will have to fulfill the needs of your own people at this stage, that is why you will have to be very mild in your discussions otherwise you may even lose your temper
Mithun – This is a period which is de-motivating you, but there is a solution also which you can create for yourself
Do – Connect with others and depend on others, and you will see that many things are starting to favor you
Don’t – Don’t forget to communicate well with others, that can remove the apprehensions on your mind and protect you from the differences & conflicts which you can face
Karka – Wastages are on your mind and you are worried for that, but you are able to use your money judiciously for others and you will win their hearts
Week special – Still it is advantageous to conserve your funds as that is important, especially if you have to repay your loans you must do that
Simha – Financial position is keeping you worried, because you wish to invest for the sake of giving happiness to your own people
Do – Committed expenses are on your mind, you have decided about them and you do not want to go back on them, you will have to therefore plan for that also
Don’t – Don’t forget that funds can be arranged by many ways, but proper utilization is only possible if you remain peaceful and avoid any impulsiveness
Kanya – Professional career is important to you and you have thoughts about it on your mind, even in the internal politics of your organization you are worried as there are forces against you
Week Special – Any kind of conflict is not good at this stage, some one may speak ill of you at your back and that can complicate the matters
Tula – Luck is generally supporting you but you are not convinced that the goodness is with you, that is why you keep on stressing yourself without any reason
Do – You will have to appreciate the fact that financial position is with you, wastages are also there but they are routine kind of factors which you are not able to control
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own efforts are remarkable and they are increasing your involvement also side by side, but you will have to avoid unnecessary changes at this stage
Vrishchik – Many hidden factors are there which may keep on bothering you, but your involvement in your work is something which is remarkable and which can take you very far
Week special – Your self-confidence is increasing and your focus is increasing, your goodness is abundant and you have to take advantage of that also now
Dhanu – People will come forward to help you but you may be apprehensive, you are worried for your own people and that is showing
Do – Psychologically you may have to keep a lot of patience, that will be able to provide that stability which is required at this stage,
Don’t – Don’t forget that there is overall auspiciousness which is available to you, but many things will have to be conserved with patience and only then the full advantage will be visible to you
Makar – Weak period for you as there are many pressures, despite finances being stable you are still worried for many factors as your outflows are increasing
Week special – There are routine kind of issues which need to be handled carefully now, psychologically you will have to keep yourself stress-free and only then conflicts will be avoided
Kumbh – Some love relationship is on your mind, you are not satisfied the way it is moving despite the fact that you have many alternatives before you
Day Special – You can depend on your partners or associates, that will provide the necessary focus & determination for you which can be helpful, especially in your work or career this period is abundantly advantageous
Meena – There are issues made up in the mind which create stress in your personal life, the reflection of that is negatively transferring problems to your work place and that is the weakness of this period
Week special – Your enemies may also come forward to guide you or support you, this is the result of the auspiciousness which is building up in this manner and you will be benefited, but you must keep lot of patience and not complicate the matters by any kind of impulsive arguments

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