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Monday, November 1, 2010

Tuesday 2 November 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Financial position may be stable but the demands of your own people are also higher, for that reason there can be some stress in relationships which requires care
Do – If you are a student your performance and your preparedness is not adequate, especially in some interview you will have to speak carefully and not change your views
Don’t – Don’t become too rigid or forceful from your side, that can spoil your image and cause upsets side by side,
Vrish – Health related issues are there for self or for family, even on matters where differences are there you may have to accept the views of others to avoid conflicts
Day special – You cannot annoy people who are important and on whom you have to depend, for that reason some amount of loss or wastage will also have to be accepted
Mithun – You are very keen to carry some relationship forward but you are not making enough efforts in that direction, for that reason you are not able to take advantage of the help which you are getting now
Do – In whatever you are doing your own performance has to improve, there is scope for that as there are continued weaknesses which will have to be controlled
Don’t – Don’t plan for any travels or changes at this stage, they may not prove to be as advantageous as you think, that is why you will have to wait for a while
Karka – Matters connected with investment needs to be planned properly, there may be changes or reversals which may put you into difficulty
Day special – Whatever you speak must be done with carefulness, especially in home & family that can cause distress
Simha – This period may be highly motivating for your work to be carried forward, but there is a factor of irregular effort which is reducing that goodness also
Do – You may be very keen for changes or travels and that may prove to be advantageous also, but in that effort also you will have to perform more than your present efforts
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial prosperity will help you in achieving your efforts at this stage, but your own sense of lethargy needs to be controlled
Kanya – Financial position is adequate but you are not able to maintain that prosperity in the process, your impulsiveness is causing more harm or losses for you than you are trying to understand
Day Special – Gains from your work are abundant, but you are not able to convert those gains into assets or savings and that is where you will have to plan in a better manner
Tula – Your self-confidence is high but your views are unstable, in the process you are showing more of aggressiveness or anger which is not really desired
Do – Your own goodness has to be created & sustained, you cannot be unfair to others in any manner even if there are differences
Don’t – Any attempt for changes or change of place may be fruitless, therefore anything which leads to failure or wastages will have to be understood carefully
Vrishchik – Your routine matters need to be addressed more carefully, your lack of planning is showing at this stage which can be more harmful than you expect
Day special – Work related matters are not as great you as you think, therefore patience is needed to address other important areas of life at this stage
Dhanu – Financial prosperity is intact and there is nothing adverse, but this prosperity has to be protected by careful planning
Do – You cannot depend on luck for financial matters, you cannot also ignore the fact that you have to work towards your career as well
Don’t – Don’t therefore create too much of uneasiness on your mind, there may be many issues which may bother you but address them one at a time
Makar – Work related situation may seem all right, but there are hidden factor which you will have to understand and appreciate
Day special – People who are important needs to be given more importance, that may include your boss as he may have adverse views about you which may be detrimental to your interests
Kumbh – Luck may favor you and there is nothing adverse in that, but your own supporters or partners may not connect with you as much as you want
Do – You cannot therefore depend too much on others, you will have to depend on your own abilities as that is very beautifully shaping up
Don’t – Don’t therefore depend too much on luck, that is not desired also at this stage as your work is motivating you enough
Meena – There are many obstacles which you may have to face for a while, that may include stress & pressures with your own people as well
Day special – Health related issues need care and needs to be given importance, psychologically also it is essential that you keep yourself optimistic and look forward in life

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