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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thursday 18 November 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are stressed and getting worried on small issues, for that reason your unplanned ways are increasing and that is putting further pressure on you
Do – Changes in any manner including change of place may seem lucrative, you may not stick to your plans and for that reason it may not work out, refrain from that
Don’t – Don’t therefore think that whatever alternative you have in your mind is the best path, you will have to consider many options
Vrish – Financial position is stable and you are happy with it, but more importantly you are able to use your knowledge & skills in the right manner and that is advantageous
Day special – Relationships can be strong and can make you happy, this is the best indication of the period which you have to get advantage of
Mithun – Stress in personal life will have to be controlled, otherwise it can lead to further complications unnecessarily from which you have to protect yourself
Do – Career is important and you will have to give importance to that in as much as you think, your knowledge will have to therefore be utilized for improving your work
Don’t – Don’t forget that obstacles & stress can be there from subordinates, colleagues or employees, that also has to be protected adequately from your side
Karka – If you make positive efforts your relationships can grow further, any effort at this stage can be beneficial including the one towards your studies or education
Day special – You may get success in any kind of interview or examination as a result, this is a positive period which you have to take advantage of
Simha – Financial prosperity is indicated and you are inclined to invest your money judiciously, for that reason you have to keep very cool and take your decisions carefully
Do – Even in some investment in home or property you can benefit, on account of that your expenses may be high which you will have to plan
Don’t – Don’t therefore think that everything is stressful, any investment in property as such is stressful for anyone anywhere and that is a reality
Kanya – Work is motivating you and you are very inclined to work hard further, for that reason you will have to depend on your partners in many ways
Day Special – Even if you have disagreements with your own people or your partners you still have to connect with them, only then your goodness will appear and you will be benefited
Tula – Luck may favor you for financial prosperity but your expenses may also increase and become wasteful, for that reason you will have to plan every step forward
Do – There are pressures in relationships which you will have to control, but for that you will have to become very mild in your approach
Don’t – Don’t let any kind of wastage or loss occur as a result of your carelessness, prevention is better than cure
Vrishchik – Financial gains can be there but routine kind of pressures will also be there, your thinking is therefore directed towards that thought and you are focused enough in that manner
Day special – Home, property and personal life is important to you, but there are too many ups & downs which you face as a result which has to be protected
Dhanu – Far off linkages are on your mind and you are thinking of home or your own people, for that reason there are thoughts of travels on your mind also
Do – Generally auspicious period but many divergent thoughts are there, become stress-free and you will be happy
Don’t – Don’t forget that communications will have to be initiated as that will help you to plan your career, also for your career you will have to work hard now more than ever before
Makar – Financial prosperity is intact and taking of loans etc. also may be on your mind, for that reason decisions connected with home or property will also be in focus
Day special – Financial planning is essential as a result and you will be benefited, overall pattern is supportive and there is nothing adverse
Kumbh – Routine kind of pressures may be there in your work, but your own abilities can overcome them as you have the ability in abundance
Do – Financial angle is stable although stressful, but there is a linking factor of your increased and unplanned expenses which keep on bothering you
Don’t – Don’t forget that work will have to be increased if you wish to make bigger gains, for that the circumstances are just rightly placed and you will be benefited
Meena – Personal life issues are abundantly happy and satisfying, luck is therefore favoring you in many ways
Day special – Financial aspect still remains important as there are ups & downs in what is happening, in terms of finances this instability is bothersome which needs to be controlled

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