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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Friday 14 January 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are a bit distressed as you are worried about your money getting stuck, further your relationships are not very pleasant at the moment and there are conflicts which you are undergoing
Do – You will have to become very mild in your approach, even if you are too involved in your work you still have to consider other aspects of life and make them harmonious
Don’t – Don’t take any decision connected with money which may prove to be distressful, for that reason a lot of care is needed in your decisions especially on work related matters
Vrish – On one hand you may be under pressure for trying to please others and on the other hand you are getting away from your own people which is another negativity which you are carrying, especially if you try to borrow funds at this stage it may not be used in the right direction
Day special – You may be very keen to take certain decision which may have far reaching consequence, you may think that everything is in place but at the same time this goodness must be achieved with lot of careful planning
Mithun – Some love relationship may not move smoothly and for that reason there may be stress & upsets, more than anything else there may be thoughts of extreme desires which can create difference of opinion
Do – Financial situation is such that you cannot risk your money at this stage, for that reason you must remember that expenses or losses can increase whereas you have other responsibilities to fulfill
Don’t – Don’t therefore plan for something which may prove to be distressful, it may be advantageous to speak to your loved ones and your supporters who may guide you adequately
Karka – Abundantly favorable period for your goodness to evolve, some love relationship can become strong and give you a lot of happiness
Day special – Career related matters are shaping up very beautifully, your own knowledge & skills will help you to prove your abilities and use those abilities in the right direction
Simha – Work related matters are stable & motivating, luck is also favoring you immensely in many ways but there are factors which have to be addressed
Do – Personal relationships in home & family will have to be handled carefully, any discussion leading to conflicts will have to be avoided
Don’t – Don’t forget to involve your own people in whatever you are doing, that kind of team spirit may help you to achieve greater goals & greater heights
Kanya – Generally auspicious period which can prove to be advantageous to you in many ways, most importantly it can motivate you immensely to work hard and to improve your performance
Day Special – Psychologically you are a bit stressed as this goodness appears, you will have to therefore keep a lot of patience especially in money matters where this may prove to be harmful
Tula – You are very inclined to think about others and to help others, for that reason you are very caring and pleasant in whatever you speak and that can be your strength
Do – Connecting with others can be beneficial both on your happiness as well as on your financial fronts, but if there is stress on account of distance with your own people then that also has to be understood so that you take advantage of every step forward
Don’t – Don’t forget the indirect pressure on account of travels or expenses, that is something which will have to be taken care of on day to day basis
Vrishchik – Generally supportive period as people may come forward & help you, but in the process your expenses may still remain out of control and that is something which needs to be understood clearly
Day special – Adverse situations may also help you to work hard and to prove your abilities, for that reason psychologically you may be stressed but actually this is also giving you a direction to move on the right path, but it will still be beneficial to remain peaceful at this moment
Dhanu – Money may have to be handled very carefully, any borrowings will have to be protected from outflows or loss
Do – Your own people and your loved ones may come forward to help you, especially on matters connected with financial planning this can prove to be beneficial
Don’t – Don’t still forget that wastages are on your mind and they can be in terms of your time as well as money, you will have to use your time judiciously so that you plan for your future
Makar – Extremely auspicious period as you can connect with your own people and draw a lot of happiness, as a result the overall linkages of your professional gains are also indicated well
Day special – Overall pattern of your financial prosperity is indicated, you are therefore blessed and must draw that happiness fully at this stage
Kumbh – Work is important and for that reason certain travels or changes may also be there on your mind, lot of effort is needed and you are motivated in that direction
Do – Work is important and auspiciously placed, financial angle is well indicated and there is nothing which is adverse
Don’t – Don’t still look at the options in a rigid manner, considering all aspects of life will be important and will have to be kept in mind
Meena – There are hidden obstacles at every step but still lot of auspiciousness is getting achieved, especially on professional matters & financial prosperity there is abundant goodness which you will witness
Day special – It will be advantageous to plan your savings so that you are able to create some financial assets, for that reason your own judicious thinking will help you at every step now and that is a blessing

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