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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Friday 7 January 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – While your overall involvement in work is remarkable you are still trying to depend too much on luck, for that reason you will have to understand the hidden factors which may be going on side by side
Day special – Your abilities may come to your rescue and that is your strength, for that reason you have to shed your uneasiness which is unnecessarily brewing
Vrish – Generally lucky & stable period and nothing is adverse, but you may go wrong on people whom you are trying to trust
Do – There can be disagreements and there can be many hidden problems, that is why it is important to keep patience especially in personal life
Don’t – Don’t therefore try to depend too much on luck where your carefulness is needed, relationships will have to be handled carefully considering all aspects of pressures & problems
Mithun – If you have any financial issues to resolve then you will have to do it with lot of patience, even in situations of disagreement with others you will have to keep your own cool
Day special – Trust is the backbone of any relationship, and therefore if there are any doubts in any manner you will need that protection which is important, more than anything else your own patience will help
Karka – In professional matters as well as in your abilities there can be upsets, you may depend on others but you may not get the kind of support which you are expecting
Do – While it is good to be helpful to others but you will have to avoid any misunderstandings in the process, especially where there is a question mark on your performance and in your abilities
Don’t – Don’t therefore be wasteful in any manner, try to understand the views of others as that will help
Simha – Generally lucky period and there is nothing adverse, but you are thinking too much into extremes and getting stressed
Day special – Your involvement in some love relationship is remarkable, but it is at the cost of some worry or anxiety which you carry which is not right, any kind of hidden factor will also have to be resolved with care
Kanya – Personal life issues may become stressful and you are not realizing that, especially where your own people may be very forceful in their views and may not fully accept what you are thinking
Do – It is very essential to communicate in any such situation, and this period actually motivates you to do so
Don’t – Don’t still forget that you can depend on others and take the guidance of others, for that you will have to understand the views of others also
Tula – Financial angle is important and you are generally blessed, finanancial situation is stable but wastages are also continuing side by side
Day special – You may get the help & support of others to further augment your resources, but there can be wastages in personal life which you are not able to control
Vrishchik – Financial angle is stable and taking or giving of loans is important, you may have to therefore take your decisions or communicate in that respect to bring advantage to you
Do – You will have to connect with your friends or well wishers, that is going to be helpful in many ways
Don’t – Don’t carry any kind of uneasiness or confusion connected with your work, that area requires constant involvement & motivation, don’t neglect that
Dhanu – Changes, travels or movements may be on your mind, and indirectly your career is also important for which you are thinking
Day special – Luck may start favoring you now to bring about the opportunities which you require, for that you will have to communicate and speak to people who are important
Makar – Wastages are indicated and you are not able to control them, you are also inclined to think of change of place or major decisions but there are many pressures in this regard
Do – Still overall position is supportive and helpful, there is stability and there is auspiciousness which will help you to take these decisions also to your advantage
Don’t – Don’t stress yourself in any manner, any change or change of situation can pressurize you, but don’t be too aggressive in taking such decisions
Kumbh – Gains from work are indicated and your efforts are pointed in that respect, your motivation will help you to get the rewards which you expect
Day special – Your partners or well wishers will be helpful in many ways, even your friends can be very supportive and you will have to connect with them
Meena – Auspiciousness is indicated in your work in many ways, so much so that you may be able to arrange funds which you require so that your plans are put in place
Do – Overall many things will be decided in your favor, for which you will have to control your wastages also which are indicated
Don’t – Don’t forget that career matters are important and will have to be taken forward, taking advantage of good times is very essential and you will have to remember that

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