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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday 2 January 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – Neither your efforts are in the pointed direction nor you are able to control your differences, that is why you are suffering psychologically also and getting distressed
Week special – Lot of peace & patience is required to pass this period, even where matters connected with home, family or relationships are concerned you have to be careful, protect your money at any cost
Vrish – Generally stable & lucky period as many things are turning to your advantage, while your efforts are bearing fruit in carrying some relationship forward you are still uneasy & worried whether everything will be all right
Week special – You are trying to connect with others but you are not getting as much favorable response as you expect, but still many things are under control and you are blessed
Mithun – In your extreme thinking or sensitiveness you may speak something which may not be appreciated by others, that is why you may get into differences also and cause problems for yourself
Do – Protect yourself from any issues in personal life, that can unnecessarily complicate your matters or lead to conflicts
Don’t – Don’t at the same time put your money into any kind of difficulty, your good intensions may also not be appreciated as much, don’t therefore let that situation arise
Karka – Travels, changes or big decisions are on your mind which may affect your emotional life or your studies, for that reason you are a bit stressed also because there are many hidden factors about which you are not aware
Week special – Your studies are suffering and that is something which is not looking good, you are also being too stressed & dissatisfied whereas that is creating more of pressures on you which must be protected, but remember that there is divine blessing available to you and that is important
Simha – Financial aspect is favorably placed and you may be keen to invest your money judiciously, for that reason you may also be keen to look for alternatives for change of place at the same time
Do – All this requires peace & patience, especially on financial matters you have to protect yourself from pilferages or wastages
Don’t – Don’t forget that a lot of careful balance is needed in your personal life & professional life, this period is also motivating you to work hard and to get the benefits in the process, don’t forget that
Kanya – You may not be very happy with the financial situation but generally the situation is improving gradually and with every step forward, you are dissatisfied and that is a different issue because your expectations are also high
Week Special – Your positive efforts can bring in improvement in your persona life, even where there are issues & factors connected with change of place or change of circumstances you will have to take very careful decisions after discussing your matters with your own loved ones
Tula – General lucky period especially on professional matters, but precisely on profession only your dissatisfactions are showing because you are facing many issues at the same time
Do – This period actually suggests that financial aspect can improve drastically, hence there is no need for you to feel stressed as that is not actually required
Don’t – Don’t take any risky decision connected with your career or your finances, there can be hidden upsets & wastages in the process and your money may be in difficulty, don’t let that happen
Vrishchik – Excellent period for financial prosperity as nothing can be better than this, but routine kind of issues are continuing to bother you and stress you at the same time
Week special – Luck may not be supporting you as much as you want, but at the same time your emotional relationships can be very vibrant and you will be benefited as a result, your abilities will shine and will help you to grow
Dhanu – Professional matters are becoming stressful because you are not able to carry your thought forward as a result, it may take a while before this can be resolved and therefore you have to keep a lot of patience
Do – Psychologically you may harm yourself more than anything else, therefore you will have to learn to have peace & patience and not lose it in any manner
Don’t – Don’t forget that your career needs lot of involvement for which you have to come out of this stressed thinking, take one step forward and very soon you will realize that you have taken a big leap
Makar – Generally lucky period for your rewards and your benefits, you may also get money from various sources and that can also please you
Week special – You are not able to conserve that goodness and retain that money to your advantage, your wastages are showing and your unplanned ways are also showing, as a result you are annoying many people in your circle
Kumbh – Relationships are important to you but there are many hidden issues which may still bother you, therefore you cannot depend on relationships in the manner in which they are appearing and you will have to be careful
Do – Stick to two aspects at this stage, concentrate on your work and you will be benefited, also plan your finances in a manner which will give you long term advantage
Don’t – Don’t therefore be stressed in any manner, that can lead to misunderstandings which must be protected
Meena – Personal life issues are important and you have to understand that, as a linkage your auspiciousness will grow and give you the advantage of moving forward and achieving much more
Week special – Overall pattern of professional & financial prosperity is indicated, you are therefore blessed in many ways and you have to take this goodness forward which should remain your devoted effort at this stage

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