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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thursday 13 January 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You may be stressed with your friends or your brothers or sisters, especially those who are younger to you may be a cause for stress to you
Day special – This is not a period to think about that, there is a better way ahead, you can involve in your work and show your ability in that direction
Vrish – You may be worried for your savings and your money, everything may seem to be all right but there are hidden factors which may cause upsets and which may lead to loss
Do – Carefulness is the key word and you will have to keep your own thinking very stable, any impulsiveness is not good at this stage
Don’t – Don’t therefore depend on luck unnecessarily as something may go wrong on that, but foremost is to protect your outflows or wastages which is a kind of loss
Mithun – You have this sense of disillusionment and lack of trust on you, for that reason this period can be called weak for so many reasons
Day special – Money cannot be risked at this stage, if you lend any money then it may not come back
Karka – You are worried for changes or developments which may lead to any big decision connected with your career, therefore you will have to ascertain all aspects of life before you take any big decision
Do – Work is important and it has to be carried forward, for that your own hard work will help and will lead to that goodness which you can achieve
Don’t – Don’t forget that your abilities have to be used and this period is highly favorable for that, you have abundant ability and that is your strength
Simha – Financial aspect is a little worrisome as you are stressed, especially if you have to repay some loans then this period can be all the more pressurizing
Day special – Issues in home & family need to be protected, for that reason if you keep your involvement high then many things can actually be controlled
Kanya – You carry a lot of stress regarding your work, you think that someone is trying to harm your interests or cheat you at your back
Do – In some love relationship there can be many hidden factors which can cause upsets, hence this is not the period to take any relationship forward however supportive the circumstances may seem
Don’t – Don’t therefore be too stressed or impulsive, take things one at a time and devote your time towards your professional involvements
Tula – Luck may not support you or favor you as much as you, that is why you feel that the circumstances are not as well placed
Day special – I still feel that personal life matters are very strong & vibrant, as long as you are able to control any big changes or big moves there will be stability and there will be peace
Vrishchik – This is a weak period as there can be stress & upsets for you, you will have to therefore keep a lot of patience and not expect anything big at this stage
Do – The best indication for this period is to keep your involvement high and work towards your goals
Don’t – don’t forget that this period is highly motivating and even stressful situations will motivate you to work hard
Dhanu – You are stressed in relationships although many things are stable and there is nothing to worry, especially in some love relationship you may be very inclined to talk over your differences at this stage
Day special – While you discuss any matter you may get into agitation of mind and anger, that can spoil the goodness which is not looking good
Makar – Issues in personal life can complicate your thinking, especially if there are issues connected with health your need for care is all the more
Do – You are very inclined to take care of your own people and they in turn are very inclined to help you & support you, this is a remarkable situation which will motivate you to resolve your issues
Don’t – Don’t therefore have any lack of trust for your own people, that can unnecessarily bring about misunderstandings which are not required
Kumbh – Relationships have to be based on trust, and you are not able to do that especially in some love relationship
Day special – Travels or changes are further causing stress, you will have to try & maintain as much stability as possible at this stage so that any issue does not complicate further or cause patterns of distress
Meena – You are worried for your own people in home & family, you want to take care of them and for that a lot of involvement is needed
Do – Financial position is stable and will help you, for that reason whatever you wish to do may be possible to be accomplished and there may not be any worry
Don’t – Don’t therefore feel stressed as you can actually do what you wish to do for others, there are moments in life when there is need to show your goodness towards others and this is one such period which will help you in that direction

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