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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wednesday 12 January 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your efforts are generally remarkable and you are focused to that extent, minor issues or differences will therefore have to be forgotten by you as you cannot please everyone
Do – At the same time you will have to understand that you cannot be egoistic in your own decision making, that is where you can go wrong and you have to protect yourself
Don’t – Don’t let your abilities go waste at this stage, each step forward is important and you will be benefited, therefore execute your thoughts and your actions carefully and you will succeed
Vrish – Overall situation is a bit stressful, you may have adequate financial resources but your planning is going wrong and your money may get stuck
Day special – For that matter even home & family matters need lot of care, some love relationship therefore can get into complications for which you are not happy
Mithun – Personal life is generally on your mind although the pressures of work keep you busy, but you will have to devote enough time to link with others and to understand the views of others
Do – Your partners & associates are important in your life, and positive steps towards creating bridges will help you to resolve many issues in your life
Don’t – Don’t forget that your home & family is important at every step, their needs will have to be met and your own loved ones need to be motivated to look for options & alternatives
Karka – Travels, changes & alternatives may have many stressful factors attached to them, while the period may seem lucky yet there are many problems which will have to be addressed
Day special – Protect yourself from any kind of conflict or misunderstanding, especially on issues where you are becoming too forceful or rigid
Simha – Money is important but you are not happy with it, your responsibilities towards your loved ones are more than what you can handle and therefore your financial position seems inadequate
Do – Money is important and will have to be used properly, but you are a bit stressed for the reasons that you are not able to take careful decisions
Don’t – Don’t therefore be stressed especially with your elders or your superiors, a lot of peace & patience is required
Kanya – Largely your work related issues are stable and you are also able to take care of your own people, but if there are any changes in the offing then change of place is something which bothers you
Day Special – If you are trying to take the help & guidance from someone who is influential then you may actually get the support, therefore you must try to get the things converted in your favor as that will help
Tula – Luck may favor you in many ways and may also motivate you to work hard, but travels & changes are not looking as good because there are many unfavorable situations attached to that
Do – Carefulness is therefore needed as you may unnecessarily get into conflicts or arguments, you will have to take your stand and then stick to it at any cost
Don’t – Don’t in the process let your own performance get reduced, that will create more of stress which is generally not needed
Vrishchik – Financial position is stable but routine kind of pressures can continue, especially in work place those pressures can be annoying as you are not comfortable with that kind of situation
Day special – Your abilities are abundant and your emotions are very strong, but those emotions are connected to some past memories thinking about which you are a bit stressed
Dhanu – Professional work is moving stable and that is the strength which you carry, step by step you can move forward and reduce your confusions & dissatisfactions
Do – While you need to do a lot for your home & family you have other thoughts on your mind as well, you have to establish yourself which is more important at this stage than merely pleasing others
Don’t – Don’t therefore waste even a single moment where a lot of involvement is required, you have to create a balance in your personal & professional life for which this planning is needed
Makar – Luck may favor you immensely but may also be pressurizing, the thoughts of changes or alternatives which are brewing in your mind may have many confusions attached to them
Day special – Your boss or superiors may not be happy and there can be stressful situations connected with that, but your strength lies in your own abilities & performance which must remain intact
Kumbh – Relationships are important and they are heavy on your mind, some past memories also please you & help you to move forward to connect with someone who has been important to you
Do – Inherently there are problems in relationships and therefore you cannot expect everything to be smooth, your well-wishers or partners may help you & support you but still you will have to understand the hidden factors
Don’t – Don’t be wasteful in your approach in any manner, especially in your time management and in your work will you have to address those weaknesses and avoid those wastages
Meena – Professional angle is important and you have to devote efforts towards that, there may be differences of opinion from boss or people who are important but that is something which is a reality and you have to accept
Day special – Personal life issues are complicated to the extent that you are not happy with the hidden factors, there are many thoughts on your mind which complicate the entire thinking and you are not able to trust your own people in the process, you need to have a very careful view of this situation and not go wrong in any manner

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