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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sunday 9 January 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – Financial situation is a bit complicated, on one hand you are stressed and on the other hand you are not able to control your outflows, both ways you are creating pressures for yourself
Week special – Taking & repaying your loans should be your priority, for that reason a lot of financial planning is needed which has to be done without any delay
Vrish – Professional dissatisfaction may be there but rewards are also flowing, you have to use this uneasiness to your advantage and bring about goodness which is needed
Do – More than anything else you will have to keep your involvement in your work intact, for that reason you will have to perform and show that performance to others which will be appreciated
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have the ability and you have to use it in the right direction, there cannot be any deficiency in that from your side
Mithun – In personal relationships there can be uneasiness which has to be controlled, in home & family your involvement has to be such that you do not create any deficiencies from your side
Week special – As the week progresses your professional commitment will increase, that is a remarkable situation
Karka – You may have pressures on your mind connected with health, for that reason you may even be a little careless in what you speak or communicate and that can be against you
Do – Stay cool and you will be able to avoid these issues, as the week progresses luck will start favoring you immensely and that will help you
Don’t – Don’t let your routine issues complicate your matters, even in financial planning don’t let any one take advantage of you or cheat you
Simha – Love relationship can be uneasy as you have many confusions on your mind, from your side you are trying to involve fully even with the help of money which you wish to spend
Week special – You are keen to connect with others and also discuss your personal problems, but somehow you are not able to show that goodness adequately to resolve these issues to your advantage
Kanya – Personal life issues may seem uneasy but there is nothing as drastically wrong, there are issues made up in the mind which may have financial implications also
Do – Protect yourself from any kind of change of place or change or situation, stability is important and that will yield good results
Don’t – Don’t complicate your love relationship by thinking too much, as such there are pressures and by your own negative thinking you can increase those pressures, don’t let that happen
Tula – Your performance is reducing because of your own confusions, so much so that you are stressing yourself unnecessarily
Week special – As the week progresses your differences of opinion will increase, you will have to keep a lot of patience and try & connect with others who are your supporters, that will help
Vrishchik – Financial angle may be stressful on your mind, but rewards are also flowing side by side and there is nothing as such to worry
Do – Gains from home & family are indicated, as such luck is also supporting you & favoring you abundantly
Don’t – Don’t therefore let dissatisfactions increase in any manner, as the week progresses your own abilities will surface and will handle many things to your advantage
Dhanu – You are a bit uneasy & confused, this dissatisfaction has to be removed as this is a psychological angle which is not looking as good
Week special – As the week progresses your happiness in home & family will increase, you will be happy with your own space and your own situation which will motivate you
Makar – Changes, outflows or dissatisfactions are continuing to be there, you are even inclined to discuss your matters to resolve them and that can yield good results
Do – As the week progresses your communication has to remain positive, that will help you to resolve your issues to your advantage
Don’t – Don’t let your expenses go out of hand as a result of your uneasiness or impulsiveness, for that reason lot of peace & patience is needed
Kumbh – You may be stressed on account of financial issues, but there is nothing as such to worry because all your needs and aspirations are going to be met
Week special – At the same time you will have to take very careful decisions, just because everything is stable you cannot take chances and you cannot make mistakes
Meena – Professional issues are important on your mind and a bit stressful also, but there is a situation which is improving very beautifully in the coming weeks and you will be happy
Do – Remove the factor of dissatisfactions on your mind, rather ascertain the root cause of the problem to resolve that
Don’t – Don’t get into any kind of stress with your partners or supporters, getting into issues may lead to conflicts & problems which are not to your advantage

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