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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thursday 20 January 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your firmness of views in home & family can lead to some differences of opinion as well, you will have to therefore protect yourself as much as possible from this negativity
Do – Involve in work in a manner which is understanding towards others & humble towards others, by doing so you will be able to achieve much more in life
Don’t – Don’t at the same time ignore the responsibilities which you have for your own people, that is where your happiness lies
Vrish – Your hard work & efforts have to be put in to improve your knowledge & skills, if you are a student you must work so that your career is made
Day special – Remarkable situation for your overall involvement as that is highly beneficial, auspiciousness is achieved in such a manner that you will be able to grow and to benefit immensely
Mithun – Financial position is stable and you are very keen to invest your money also judiciously, for that reason you will be able to invest in some property or invest time in bringing about happiness in your personal life
Do – Your overall prosperity is indicated in such a manner that it will be beneficial, but in your own forcefulness you should not risk your money into some risky venture to create loss for yourself
Don’t – Don’t forget that pressures in home & family may be there in the form of dissatisfactions, but still your focus has to remain connected with them only as that is essential
Karka – Your self-confidence is generally remarkable and you are motivated, but there may be pressures on this path as mere motivation is not enough
Day special – You have to understand that this period will bring its linked pressures & problems, in terms of misunderstandings as well as in terms of obstacles, you will have to be prepared so that you are able to handle them with peace & patience
Simha – Your forcefulness may be in the wrong direction and therefore you have to be a bit more careful, by your own mistakes you may create pressures for yourself and that is where a lot of patience may be required
Do – Try to assess the situation and the views of others, that will help you to discuss your matters peacefully so that you don’t get into conflicts
Don’t – Don’t also forget that you should not create issues and conflicts from your side, you cannot mould the thinking of others the way you think and therefore you will have to appreciate the views of others as well
Kanya – Financial prosperity is intact and you will be happy, you will also be able to get the happiness & involvement in some love relationship which is shaping up
Day Special – There are still factors & issues which may have to be handled, there are linking disagreements which can continue for you and which require care
Tula – Your professional involvement is remarkable and praiseworthy, but your thinking in a rigid manner that changes is the only solution may not be right
Do – This is a period which requires your consideration for options and alternations, but it has to be done in a very mild manner so that you are able to consider all aspects of life
Don’t – Don’t at the same time forget that this can be a highly rewarding period for financial prosperity, you must gain from this situation as such good periods do not come very often
Vrishchik – Generally stable & auspicious period which will bring in gains for you, from your own efforts as well as from your own people you will be immensely benefited
Day special – Luck may favor you in many ways and that is a blessing, also your own forcefulness will prove to be beneficial for your professional issues & decisions
Dhanu – You may be a bit stressed psychologically but that is your rigidness which is playing, your work related circumstances may shape up to your advantage and you may be benefited
Do – You must remember that your abilities need to be sharpened and luck will help you in that, for that reason many good opportunities may come to you
Don’t – Don’t at the same time be apprehensive with the career which may be shaping up, you have the ability and you have to just put it in the right place and everything will be all right
Makar – You connect with others beautifully and that is your strength, as a result you are able to win friends and influence people very beautifully at this moment
Day special – Overall goodness is intact and you are happy, therefore you must be thankful to God for whatever virtues you have been blessed with
Kumbh – Many stressful situations can be there which have to be handled now, you cannot postpone those issues and you will have to possibly discuss those matters with patience
Do – Financial angle is generally stable and will help you to overcome these factors, but wastages are also continuing and that is where patience is needed
Don’t – Don’t think of extremes in terms of professional alternatives, you have to consider many facts and also give importance to stability which is important
Meena – Your abilities are abundant and they can be put to right use, you wish to take some relationship also forward and that is important
Day special – Your partners or associates may come forward to help you in your career, that is a remarkable situation and you will be benefited immensely with that

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