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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday 27 January 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – There has been a rift or a conflict with your own people, now you wish to resolve that dispute and improve relations
Day special – Somehow your forceful & rigid ways is a kind of hindrance which is not letting this happen, you may be trying to resolve and thinking seriously about it but not making enough efforts
Vrish – You may be keen to borrow money to fulfill your needs and responsibilities, but at the same time you may be risking your money as the period is unstable
Do – Arranging funds may not be as difficult, but planning properly for its utilization can be a bigger issue
Don’t – Don’t therefore let any stress, differences or complications arise in planning for future, especially if there is risk to your financial position you have to be careful
Mithun – You wish to take your career to greater heights but there are question marks on your knowledge & performance, that is where your involvement needs to be increased
Day special – If there are deficiencies in your abilities then you are responsible, more than anything else you must have trust in yourself and in others to accomplish what you wish to do
Karka – Luck is abundantly favorable to you and your own people are supportive towards you, for that matter relationships are becoming strong and vibrant
Do – Some amount of stress or differences may still be there in your personal life, that is where lot of peace & patience is required
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck is abundantly favoring you to resolve your issues, psychologically you are stable and keen to connect with others, that will help
Simha – Your performance or efforts may be just right but your abilities are not being put in the right direction, therefore a lot of care is needed on day to day basis to accomplish this
Day special – Some love relationship may also be under problems and you may be distressed, trying to take your relationship forward on the strength of money can be an unfortunate effort
Kanya – You are very keen to communicate with others to associate with them and draw happiness from them, for that reason your own people and your well-wishers may be very supportive towards you
Do – Your clear views & ideas can influence others and win their hearts, that should be your effort
Don’t – Don’t forget that some stress & pressures will still be there despite all the goodness which you carry, for that reason you will have to depend on others and trust others fully
Tula – Your efforts are pointed but not still in the right direction, that is why you are getting into issues especially with your seniors or elders
Day special – The best way forward would be to sit across the table and discuss your matters, that will bring out the goodness from others in a favorable manner, but remain pleasant in whatever you speak
Vrishchik – Some love relationship is strong on your mind and you wish to fulfill your desires, for that reason you may also be keen to spend and generally be extravagant in your outflows
Do – Your well-wishers are supportive towards you in a big way and that can be a blessing, but psychologically you must plan your moves at every step to benefit
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial aspect is stable and rewarding, you have to therefore remain motivated to get the best advantage
Dhanu – Happiness in home & family is intact and you are involving towards that fully, that is the goodness which you carry at this stage
Day special – Still I feel that you are a bit wasteful in your outflows & expenses, lot of carefulness is needed on day to day basis to preserve your funds
Makar – This period can actually motivate you to work hard and to improve your professional career, as such the rewards are flowing and you are getting benefited
Do – Your forcefulness lies in the fact that this period is lucky and generally stable, that is why you are getting the rewards and your abilities are also giving you the gains which you deserve
Don’t – Don’t forget that you can make your career with your own involvement and increase of knowledge, that should be the focus and you will be benefited
Kumbh – Generally lucky period for whatever you do, that is why the goodness is abundantly with you in many ways
Day special – Best advantage can be with your financial prosperity and the way you can speak & communicate to others, a little bit of involvement in that will benefit you immensely
Meena – Psychologically you may be under pressure but still there is lot of protection as you move forward, that is why your self-confidence is increasing and protecting you
Do – Remain calm and especially in relationships show your patience, that will save you in many ways
Don’t – Don’t also have any kind of pressure as far as your work is concerned, you have the necessary competence to handle your affairs to your advantage

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