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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Monday 24 January 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your involvement in your work is remarkable, but at the same time you are also trying to involve in some love relationship at your work place
Do – There are many conflicts arising in the process, you are not at peace and that is why are troubled in many ways, there is need for protection
Don’t – Don’t get into conflicts with your own people as the day progresses, that can further deteriorate the situation and make you more rigid
Vrish – Home & family is important to you and you are giving due care to them, but in the process you must involve with them fully and whole heartedly
Day special – Any thing at this stage which increases your knowledge or skills must be given importance, that can make your future and your destiny in the days to come
Mithun – Your efforts are reducing and for that reason you are creating a lot of risk for yourself, so much so that you can even create financial pressures for yourself in the process
Do – If you stay devoted to your own people then you will be benefited immensely, luck will also support you in the process and your pressures will also be controlled
Don’t – Don’t forget that career involvement can be very rewarding, hence don’t let your own focus get reduced in any manner at this stage as that is not required
Karka – You may be keen to help others in every sense of the term, so much so that you may even want to help others with money or to take care of them in every sense
Day special – Despite this goodness your issues may remain and your frustrations may remain, that is why you will have to take extra precautions at this stage and not get into any conflicts
Simha – You are yourself inclined to get into difficulties, this is a self-created mistake on account of which the goodness of this period is getting reduced
Do – You wish to convey your feelings in some love relationship also, but you are a bit confused and that is why every step forward is leading to misunderstandings
Don’t – Don’t therefore be harsh in any way, understand the feelings & views of others and only then you can take some relationships forward
Kanya – Pressurizing period as wastages & obstacles are continuing, for that reason relationships may also be under some kind of pressure at this stage which is not giving you any happiness
Day Special – The best indication still remains that you have to connect with your own loved ones in home & family, even to the extent that financial planning should also be conducted in such a manner that you remain helpful to your own loved ones
Tula – Your desire to be close to your own people is very remarkable, you also want to invest judiciously but wastages are still continuing
Do – Any unplanned expenses therefore will have to be curtailed, any travels or movements in any kind of confusion will also have to be stopped
Don’t –
Vrishchik – Work related motivation is immense and that will help you to move forward, your forcefulness in this regard is becoming obvious and you will be benefited also in the process
Day special – Financial aspect is very well indicated and there is nothing adverse, even your savings will grow and you will be happy, but utilization of your savings can still be a confusing aspect
Dhanu – Gains from work can help you and please you, for that reason your involvement in your work will also improve and will open up the right kind of avenues for you
Do – Work is to be given utmost importance at this stage, and you are able to maintain an excellent balance between your personal life and professional life, that is the goodness which you carry
Don’t – Don’t let any psychological issues upset you in any manner, be at peace and you will realize that God is helping you in many ways now
Makar – Issues of psychological nature may continue to bother you with people who are important, that may include your boss and may include matters connected with finances as well
Day special – Largely you are trying to push your luck too far, so much so that you are taking risks by depending on luck and that can put you into some kind of pressure as well
Kumbh – Changes may be on your mind and you may be trying to take those decisions forcefully, but in the process you are stressing yourself unnecessarily which is not required
Do – Any big decision can have its own implications, you will have to therefore take very careful decisions and not go wrong on that
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial prosperity is intact and there is nothing adverse, but stability of mind is very important and that has to be maintained at every step
Meena – You may arrange finances for your needs at this stage, that will make you financially stable & prosperous and that is a goodness which you carry
Day special – Largely the indications are supportive for your personal well-being, that goodness can reflect in many ways and will help you in many ways, indirectly that supports your professional goals as well

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