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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunday 16 January 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You may get some sudden gains which may even come from home or property, for that reason you are also a bit careless in your financial planning which you must do
Do – Planning is essential because money gains will have to be sustained, as such your outflows may be high which needs to be controlled
Don’t – Don’t forget that being too forceful in your views can create upsets & obstacles, they may get reflected unnecessarily in relationships as well as in work place
Vrish – Your efforts are remarkable and you will be benefited accordingly, that is the reason that you are able to connect with others and get that advantage from others as well
Week special – Overall auspicious period in many ways, many things will come to focus in a very auspicious manner which will prove to be beneficial to you
Mithun – Your expenses may be impulsive and you are not able to hold on to that, on top of it there may be pressures to repay if there are any liabilities
Do – Relationships will have to be kept under care as there can be differences of opinion, especially if you are too forceful in your approach you may cause discomfort to others, carefulness is the key word and you will be accordingly benefited, for that reason you have to become mild
Don’t – Don’t forget that unnecessary conflicts can lead to increased problems for you, it can also create a situation where people who are important may become against you and that is not desired
Karka – You are very inclined to gain financially and for that reason your plans are very forceful, to that extent the period is supportive and there is nothing adverse
Week special – You want to give a lot of importance to some love relationship and you want to take it forward, for that reason you are even inclined to discuss your matters with your own people to get their support
Simha – Major changes may be on your mind connected with work and you are highly motivated towards that thought, but still carefulness is needed as there are many linked factors which have to be given importance
Do – Your motivation may be high but will have to be used in the right direction, therefore discussing your matters can be beneficial in the long run
Don’t – Don’t forget that there are many factors which are getting created out of your own forcefulness, they include certain conflicting situations which you are creating from your side and which are not looking good, don’t therefore cause upsets for yourself
Kanya – Generally lucky period and there is nothing adverse, financial issues are very well placed and you are blessed
Week Special – Auspiciousness is abundant and is motivating you further to gain abundantly, but your abilities will also have to be put into a path of your knowledge and skills which must improve at this stage
Tula – Work related pressures may be immense and you are able to discuss those matters carefully, but pressures can also lead to certain discrepancies in your decision making which will have to be protected
Do – Financial aspect needs to be planned carefully, especially in terms of any investment in property you will have to take the guidance of others
Don’t – Don’t still be careless in handling your professional matters, many aspects of importance will have to be considered side by side at this stage
Vrishchik – Generally stable & auspicious period, highly favorable situation can be there if you connect with others and help others
Week special – Overall happiness & prosperity is indicated, especially if you connect with your own people your happiness can improve further as that is the main purpose of life
Dhanu – Some amount of psychological stress may be there which will have to be handled carefully, for that reason if you keep your finances under control then many things can shape up to your advantage
Do – Patience is the key word and that is what you should do, routine type of issues of stress or pressures will have to be controlled even if there are differences of opinion
Don’t – Don’t forget that indirectly your outflows are such which can be a bit wasteful, therefore taking decision with pragmatism may be required for which you will have to trust your own decisions and abilities, don’t therefore let your psychological impulsiveness increase in any manner, that is essential to understand
Makar – Relationships are important to you and you are committed towards that, indirectly that can be a beneficial situation for your overall professional goals to be met and your prosperity to increase
Week special – Generally lucky period in many ways which is motivating, you are too aggressive in your thoughts and too emotional to fulfill your desires
Kumbh – Home is important and for that reason there is lot of auspiciousness attached to this factor, overall happiness is intact and there is nothing adverse
Do – Indirectly work related matters need lot of care, if you connect with your partners you will be able to ascertain the goodness the way it is placed
Don’t – Don’t still let any major changes or upsets arise as a result of your forcefulness, you will have to remain extremely mild at this stage so that that humility helps you to take you forward
Meena – Work related motivation and the desire to improve your skills can be beneficial, if you study well you will be able to benefit immensely but there are obstacles attached
Week special – Even in carrying some love relationship forward there are inherent obstacles, despite your forceful views you will have to face those upsets and resolve them as much as it is possible

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