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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Monday 3 January 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your uneasiness is understandable, despite your efforts it seems that your efforts are going waste and you are not getting the matching rewards
Day special – Luck is also not favoring you in a pointed manner, despite lot of goodness you are not able to get the real advantage in terms of happiness or prosperity, therefore it is needed that you wait for the good times and have patience
Vrish – Despite favorable financial position you are not happy with your savings, that is why you are not able to take calculated decisions and your wastages are also showing
Do – Be very careful as a result, complicating your thoughts & thinking negatively is further going to create stress & pressures
Don’t – Don’t therefore neglect various things at this stage, and one of that is wastages as well as your relationships, your personal relationships in home & family will have to be protected
Mithun – There is overall sense of disillusionment on your mind, you are not in a mood and you are feeling sad & dejected
Day special – As a result this period is showing routine kind of issues which are not looking as a good, but still you will have to protect yourself that this should not get out of your hand and become more complicated, your work related situation is stable
Karka – You are apprehensive that some one may cheat you and create loss for you, that is why you may be even in a fighting mood and may not understand the views of others fully at this stage
Do – Understand that this is a weak period psychologically & professionally, as a result your views may not be understood fully as favorably as you wish, that is why your goodness is also not getting revealed
Don’t – Don’t therefore neglect all these factors at the same time, handle one issue at a time and move one step forward slowly & steadily, and you will realize that luck is favoring you in many ways which is a blessing
Simha – Financial position is stable and you are happy to invest your money also, but as a result there may be financial pressures in the process but that should not bother you so much
Day special – Relationships are strong but stressful, there are too many issues continuing side by side but one of them is your psychological pressure which you are carrying, that is to be handled with peace & patience
Kanya – You are not as happy with your professional situation and there are many apprehensions on your mind, but despite this negativeness you are getting the necessary motivation for which you are handling the situation very well
Do – Personal life situation is stable and your own people will come forward to help you, you have to therefore connect with them by removing whatever thoughts of anxiety you may carry
Don’t – Don’t forget that on professional matters your positive involvement will give you the required results, it may be a little sclow process but rewards are sure to come
Tula – Luck may not favor you apparently and you may be worried, but in a hidden manner you will realize that luck is with you in many ways and there is nothing actually to worry
Day special – On matters connected with your communications with others you have excellent ability & goodness, but still you are not able to convey it in that manner and your goodness is not getting revealed, you will have to try & understand the views of others also side by side
Vrishchik – Many hidden factors may be there which may bother you, therefore you feel that each step forward is a pain and everything is so difficult to handle
Do – Financial position is excellent and you will be happy, but wastages are also there which can bother you, you have to take all these factors in your stride and find a middle path of peace which is required
Don’t – Don’t be too impulsive in what you speak, especially in what you speak you should not show any kind of ego or forcefulness which is not actually required, don’t let this negativity overpower you
Dhanu – You may be stressed with your partner for small & trivial issues, for that reason you may even carry financial differences of opinion which are not looking as good
Day special – Psychologically you have to learn to be at peace, and then you will realize that everything can be handled without any big issue, remember that everything takes time and for that divinity is with you to help you & support you
Makar – Health related issues are there which have to be handled carefully, you are neglecting many things and causing unnecessary stress in your mind
Do – If there is a solution then there is no problem at all, but whenever there is no solution then that problem can aggravate, remember that
Don’t – Don’t let small expenses become bigger and create a situation of loss for you, and all that is possible with your impulsive behavior which is not good, therefore don’t forget to plan carefully which is important
Kumbh – Relationships are important and you wish to carry them forward, but you have to trust others as much as responsible and especially in situations where your work place or office is connected
Day special – Financial aspect is stable and there is nothing to worry, but there are many pressures which you have and which you have to handle, for that reason you will have to discuss your matters carefully and then you will see that solutions will emerge
Meena – Personal life issues are stressful on your mind whereas there is no real reason for you to feel stressed, there is overall goodness & stability in many ways which will help you & protect you
Do – Your own goodness & ability will take care of many things, you have to remain helpful to others and you will realize that, that goodness will spread in a manner which will please you
Don’t – Don’t unnecessarily cause anxiety in your mind connected with work, there is no reason for you to become egoistic also unnecessarily because as that is not really required

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