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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wednesday 19 January 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your focus is to bring about major changes and major improvements in life, and you are devoted in that respect and trying to involve fully
Day special – The very fact that your involvement is praiseworthy you will be able to achieve a lot, the best indication is that you are able to put your efforts & energies in the right direction and that will be rewarding
Vrish – This is a period which will give you financial gains, also you are able to connect with people and trying to convey your thoughts clearly
Do – On the matter of conveying your views you may still have issues & problems, you may create more of hindrances and therefore you will have to take a lot of care on that
Don’t – Don’t forget that money comes in with difficulty, hence you cannot risk that money in any manner that it becomes a problem for you, don’t therefore careless in your financial planning
Mithun – Professional career is important to you and your devotion is praiseworthy, you will be able to get the support of others and take your career forward in a remarkable manner
Day special – It is important to connect with others and understand the views of others, that kind of positive linkage is placed and you will be benefited immensely
Karka – You are depending on luck and that is why you are creating some amount of risk for yourself, so much so that your money may also be put to risk as a result of this impulsiveness
Do – Taking & repaying loans should be your priority, especially if you have to repay any liabilities it should be done at this stage
Don’t – Don’t get into any kind of differences of opinion with elders or superiors, you will have to understand their views to avoid any conflicts
Simha – Many hidden obstacles or pressures may be in the offing, even in relationships these obstacles can upset you despite your involvement in a positive manner
Day special – You are trying to use your financial power to win others & influence others, but despite that many confusions & dissatisfactions may remain and that may not be achieved
Kanya – You will have to connect with your own people in home, family & in your partnerships, that will provide the necessary growth which you require
Do – You will have to also put your money in your work without any ambiguity, try to remain focused and remove your dissatisfactions
Don’t – Don’t forget that your devoted involvement with your own people will help at this stage, you have good people around you whom you can trust, hence you must take the help & guidance from your elders at this stage
Tula – Misunderstandings may be there despite your goodness in every sense of the word, therefore your efforts may get somewhat wasted in irrelevant things and that is where care is needed
Day special – This period must motivate you to involve and to achieve, for that reason you will have to remove the patterns of dissatisfactions which you carry
Vrishchik – Some love relationship can be in the offing and you may be involved in it, more than anything else it is also keeping you psychologically very uneasy and distressed at the same time
Do – You cannot risk your money in any manner at this stage, you will have to understand the importance of constant savings which are required now
Don’t – Don’t forget that your abilities need to be further used to your advantage, that may remain the motivating factor for you over a period of time which will help you eventually
Dhanu – Home & family is important and you are devoting a lot of time towards that, that will provide the necessary happiness which you are trying to create for yourself
Day special – Your own people are important and that is why you are connecting with them, and the goodness is that you are getting the positive response also from them in as much way and that will please you
Makar – This period is actually helping you to work hard and to carve out a direction for yourself, you are also planning for travels which may be advantageous
Do – Health still remains an issue which you have been neglecting, therefore you need to take the necessary investigations or treatment which may be required
Don’t – Don’t ignore the routine factors and routine issues which bother you, on day to day basis that kind of carefulness is needed which will protect you
Kumbh – Financial prosperity is intact and your savings will help you, even your emotional relationships can be vibrant to give you many options
Day special – In any love relationship you will have to remember that remaining honest & devoted will help, carrying lack of trust for yourself or for others is not going to help you eventually
Meena – Your own self-confidence will help you immensely to overcome your issues, your desire to connect & help others is also a remarkable thought which will guide you in your day to day efforts
Do – A sense of involvement in work is very practical and needed, your partners or associates will also come forward in a big way to support you
Don’t – Don’t at the same time let your money get wasted as a result of your own impulsive actions, carefulness is the key word which must be maintained on day to day basis and that is important

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