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Friday, January 7, 2011

Saturday 8 January 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You have many fundamental issues to handle at the moment, that may include financial matters as well as dealing with your friends and well wishers
Do – You may be a bit stressed or dissatisfied with the circumstances around you, that is why a lot of peace & patience is required especially to understand others,
Don’t – Don’t get into unnecessary stress where you are not sure, you will have to ascertain the facts and only then you can form an opinion
Vrish – On work related matters your own strength lies in your abilities & performance, but if there is a question mark against your own performance and your knowledge then you will have to address those issues
Day special – As a result routine kind of pressures & problems may still be there in your life, that includes matters connected with changes as well as personal life issues which are related
Mithun – You may not be satisfied with people around you or for that matter your partners or associates, but you still have to connect with them and take advantage from them
Do – You will have to take care of your own people and for that matter personal life is important, but for all this you will have to trust others more than anything else
Don’t – Don’t get into a general pattern of disillusionment at this stage, that can reduce your involvement as well as your motivation which is not required
Karka – Health related issues may be a cause for concern, but more than anything else it requires proper investigations & treatment
Day special – Psychologically therefore you will have to stay at peace, by doing so you can handle many things and come out of confusions which may be there unnecessarily, especially on matters where disagreements are there
Simha – If you have lack of trust in some love relationship then it is bound to have its own problems, for that reason you will have to possibly connect with others & speak to others to remove your doubts
Do – You will have to keep your patience in any kind of discussion, getting into heated arguments or anger will spoil the situation
Don’t – Don’t therefore think of alternatives all the time, you will have to think of many factors and situations around you to understand the reality
Kanya – In personal life there can be many frustrating situations, but we all face through such situations at times which need to be handled pragmatically
Day Special – Psychologically you may have to be at peace, on financial matters also you cannot risk your money unnecessarily or get into disagreements
Tula – In any kind of effort or involvement you will have to show your commitment, doing things half-heartedly is not going to help and it may reduce your motivation
Do – Your knowledge & skills have to be upgraded, for that reason you need to involve fully and whole heartedly,
Don’t – Don’t carry any extreme thoughts or desires in some love relationship, if you wish to fulfill your desires at any cost you may carry the risk of disagreements as well
Vrishchik – You may be stressed on account of some issues connected with funds or savings, but at the same time you are aware that you stand to benefit from some investment in the long run
Day special – Largely it is a situation of convincing yourself that everything is all right, needlessly getting uneasy or frustrated is also not going to resolve your problems
Dhanu – Work is important and your involvement is important, but you are a bit uneasy because there are too many factors playing their role side by side
Do – Still stay committed in what you are doing, also take care of your own people and your home & family, that is important
Don’t – Don’t let wastages increase at any cost, many things will have to be handled one step at a time so that your outflows are kept under control
Makar – Impulsive decisions or actions may frustrate you, especially in what you speak you will have to show peace & patience and not any kind of frustration
Day special – You will also have to take care in what you eat or drink, any kind of carelessness in that respect can affect your health which needs care
Kumbh – While financial position is stable you are still dissatisfied for many reasons, your responsibilities are high and you wish to fulfill them at any cost
Do – You will have to protect yourself from wastages as that is the main cause of your problems, for that reason lot of careful planning is needed at this stage
Don’t – Don’t therefore complicate your matters by thinking negatively, there is solution to everything if you plan rationally and act in that direction
Meena – Carrying frustrations about your work is not going to help, you have to look at the goodness in every aspect of life as that is important
Day special – Psychologically you will have to understand that emotions will have to be kept under control, more than anything else it is always the practical viewpoint which helps in life, you will also have to think like that

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