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Friday, January 14, 2011

Saturday 15 January 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are very focused towards your work and that focus is showing, you also want to use your abilities in such a manner that you are able to grow and achieve greater heights
Day special – Remarkable situation but you are not getting along with people as well as you are capable of, that is why you are creating hindrances for yourself with your own forceful ways
Vrish – Home & family is important to you and that is your strength as well, but in the process you are trying to take big decisions which can have far off implications
Do – Your motivation is high and you should stay connected with that, your hard work can bring you closer to your own people and bring in lot of happiness
Don’t – Don’t forget to protect yourself from possible loss on account of your partners or associates, you will have to therefore assess every step and every decision very carefully
Mithun – Your efforts are not up to the mark and that is why you are likely to create some wastage or loss also for yourself
Do – Your involvement with others will benefit you, but unnecessary changes may have to be considered very carefully
Don’t – Don’t look for major alternatives unless you have planned for it carefully, your motivation at this stage will help you to take careful decisions
Mithun – Pressurizing period as many things are not placed to your advantage, your boss may not favor you and people around you may not be supportive of you,
Day special – This is also a period in which your financial angle may become distressful, your wastages or losses are indicated for which you will have to be careful
Karka – Try to plan carefully in a manner which is not upsetting, as such you have a very favorable situation in which your abilities will come to fore and your focus will increase
Do – As a result your financial planning will become positive and you will be benefited, all this is the goodness which must be maintained
Don’t – Don’t be too aggressive in your ways even though everything is favorably placed, it is still advantageous to discuss your matters carefully with others and get the support in that manner
Simha – You are yourself getting into conflicts and that is not looking so good, especially in home & family as also in your professional sphere there can be linkages of upsets or differences of opinion
Day special – Largely this is a situation which is motivating, yet minor issues or upsets can spoil this goodness unnecessarily for which you have to be careful
Kanya – Extremely auspicious period for financial prosperity, but any changes can be distressful and can cause obstacles, for that reason there can be upsets in personal relationships as well
Do – Carefulness is the key word as any major decision will have to be postponed, that is essential to understand
Don’t – Don’t also let your expenses increase as they can snowball into major problems, for that reason losses will have to be curtailed with your careful planning
Tula – Work related pressures can be there and many hidden obstacles may also come up, but your abilities are abundant and that can help you immensely
Day special – Funds may be required to fulfill your responsibilities and you must remain motivated towards that, your own people may require that care which you will have to provide
Vrishchik – Work related involvement may remain high and you will be benefited, even on matters connected with personal life happiness there is overall sense of accomplishment
Do – Your partner may come forward to help you immensely and that is a remarkable situation, but conflicts at work place leading to pressures will have to be avoided
Don’t – Don’t therefore be too careless in your spendings, that is a factor which constantly needs care and your awareness
Dhanu – Psychological stress may continue for you for a while, for that reason some health related pressures may also be there which you cannot ignore
Day special – Luck may help you immensely in bringing about changes which may prove financially beneficial, so much so that your discussions with people who are important may also prove to be beneficial in the long run
Makar – Some love relationship can strengthen further and may give you happiness, you are also very involved and also having emotionally intense desires which are guiding you
Do – There can be pressures in home & family for which you will have to be careful, in fact constant care is needed to keep your overall situation stable which is essential
Don’t – Don’t still forget that your own thinking is positive and optimistic, that will guide you to move in the right direction by your judicious planning
Kumbh – Home & family is important to you and you are able to inculcate that sense of goodness in your work as well, for that reason your work related situation is becoming strong & motivating
Day special – You are thinking of major changes and that can be a factor which needs care, especially if there are disagreements with your partners or with your associates then you will have to be all the more careful
Meena – Any differences connected with money will have to be handled pragmatically, generally the situation is stable & auspicious and luck may help you in many ways
Do – People who are important will have to be given their due importance, but you will have to avoid any kind of pressures because of your own forceful thinking
Don’t – Don’t therefore let your own abilities get reduced in any manner, your own involvement is the key to your success at this moment

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