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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Friday 21 January 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Some lingering thoughts of disagreements may continue to be there on your mind, but at the same time the situation is becoming favorable because you are making efforts towards that
Day special – Largely your self-confidence will help you to improve your involvement in your work, that is a remarkable effort which will bring you enormous profits
Vrish – Your efforts are generally stable but whatever you speak may be used against you, therefore you will have to be careful for these weaknesses
Do – While monetary situation is stable you will still have to protect your savings, that is where your abilities will come to focus
Don’t – Don’t handle your performance and your situations with any kind of doubt on your mind, that is not going to help in any case
Mithun – Financial aspect is very well indicated but continuing to be a bit risky, therefore whatever you are trying to do for others in the form of help may also lead to certain pressures
Day special – The only thing which can protect you is your own goodness to interact with others, if you convey your thoughts clearly your image will improve and you will be appreciated
Karka – Your self-confidence is becoming a problem for you as you are getting into conflicts, especially where there are hidden factors which are not known to you fully you may go wrong
Do – Become a bit mild so that your misunderstandings do not arise, as a result you have to protect your image also
Don’t – Don’t forget that professional angle can be strong and that is where your benefit lies, you will have to side by side involve towards that to get the advantage
Simha – Your desires are strong and immense, that is why you are pushing for some love relationship too hard to fulfill your emotional needs
Day special – I still feel that wastages & expenses are not in your control, that is why there is too much of pressure on that and you are not able to understand that fully
Kanya – Your prosperity should be used towards your advantage, for your professional needs as well as your personal life responsibilities you can devote your time & money
Do – Connecting with your own people should be whole-hearted and without any question marks, only then you will be able to draw the happiness which is indicated
Don’t – Don’t at the same time have doubts about your professional competence, you have the ability and you have to use that now to get the advantage
Tula – If you are thinking of changes then you may be a bit stressed, you are undecided as to what kind of decision to take but you are being a bit too firm also now
Day special – Mildness in taking decisions will help and give you the right path, in any case it may lead to financial gains for you which is well indicated
Vrishchik – Luck may favor you to give you the financial advantage, but you may also be a bit stressed because your image is not appearing or shaping up the way you deserve
Do – Largely your own involvement is committed and praiseworthy, so much so that your work related involvement is also great which will motivate you further
Don’t – Don’t still depend too much on luck as it may not be the right thing to do, there are routine kind of issues or factors which you are not able understand and which can be upsetting
Dhanu – Psychological angle needs to be handled more carefully, but the best advantage towards your professional career will appear and you will be benefited
Day special – Psychologically you will have to be at peace and let these developments emerge, you have to remove whatever pressures you have on your mind as there is no need for that
Makar – While you are generally helpful to others but you are creating a lot of stress for yourself, in terms of health as well as pressures this period needs care
Do – If you depend too much on luck you may go wrong and routine kind of issues may not favor you, therefore there can be upsets which you may have to face
Don’t – Don’t therefore get into complications from your side, stay committed & peaceful and you will see that unnecessary issues should not crop up at this stage
Kumbh – Some love relationship may be uneasy but still giving you happiness, you are distressed psychologically and that thought has to be removed from your mind
Day special – You must remember that there are hidden issues in some love relationship at this stage, you are not very sure as to whether this path is right for you or not
Meena – Your own abilities will shine and will help you in your career, that is where people may also come forward to help you & guide you
Do – On personal life matters you will be benefited but you will have to be peaceful, that is how you have to conduct yourself and in that your own emotional angle will become beneficial
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial prosperity is intact and is growing, you may arrange for funds from many sources and that will augment your resources also side by side

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