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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Friday 16 July 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You may be working hard to achieve your goals & dreams but you are getting gradually dejected that things are not moving as per your desire, this may be a psychological factor in which you are stressed
Do – Even in matters of work or money you have some differences of opinion, for that reason your own abilities are not being put to good use at this moment, you will have to improve that situation
Don’t – Don’t therefore create stress in your personal life, these factors will have to be resolved slowly & gradually, one step at a time will help
Vrish – This is a stable & optimistic period, you will get the gains as per your desire and you will be able to use your abilities also in the right manner
Day special – Largely this is a period which activates your personal life, there is happiness on that front and success of your ventures
Mithun – Your efforts are remarkable and that is the goodness which you carry, but at the same time you are also facing the obstacles and that is making you a little disillusioned also
Do – You have to look at the goodness of this period, obstacles are there and will be there all the time, but your goodness can take you very far and that should remain your focus
Don’t – Don’t therefore let any uneasiness reduce your involvement, your focused efforts will help you to achieve your goals and at least for that purpose the circumstances are well placed
Karka – Your efforts are increasing now but your unplanned ways are continuing, your stress in personal life is also the reason for your expenses & outflows, lot of carefulness is needed
Day special – You have to involve constantly to remove the obstacles in your personal life, and most of that will be possible with your constant involvement which is essential at this stage
Simha – You are giving too much importance to money and as a result your pressures are increasing, you are also aware of the wastages or losses for which a lot of carefulness will have to be initiated
Do – Health is another factor which needs care, especially some precautions in your eating & drinking habits will help at this stage
Don’t – Don’t show your frustrations or anger even if the circumstances are not moving as per your desire, for that reason you have to stay very calm as that will help
Kanya – Changes in work are not really recommended, there can be many hidden factors which you are not aware and which can lead to more of pressures
Day Special – Carefulness in your work as well as in your finances is absolutely essential, persona life issues are stable & happy and there is no worry on that
Tula – Financial situation is stable and there is no worry on that, but certain changes are weighing heavy on your mind and you are constantly thinking about that
Do – You have to understand the pattern & opportunities which are emerging now, taking decisions on what your heart says may be dangerous, you will have to understand the reality and only then take that step forward
Don’t –
Vrishchik – Work related pressures are continuing, you will have to take them as a challenge and only then you can resolve these issues
Day special – Your involvement is remarkable and that is the goodness which you carry, on top of it your own efforts are pointed and there is no deficiency in that, hence lot of protection is there with you which can be used to your advantage
Dhanu – Auspiciousness is generally intact and helping you to resolve your personal problems, especially issues connected with partners or associates you will have to show a lot of patience
Do – Routine kind of issues are bothering you more, so much so that psychologically you are getting under pressure which needs lot of care
Don’t – Don’t forget that each of these issues will have to be taken as a challenge, you have to look at the goodness which this period provides, on that strength you can move forward with conviction and you will get the success
Makar – Stress with senior or superiors will have to be avoided, if you speak carefully then luck will be yours and protection will be created
Day special – Issues in personal life are such which will have to be handled with lot of patience, you are generally motivated at this stage and that factor can also help you to provide the protection which you need now
Kumbh – Relationships are on your mind but you are stressed on that very factor, there are many issues which trouble you and you think that you have been cheated
Do – You will have to forget the past and make a new beginning, by doing so you will have to become optimistic in life and look at the new opportunities as they unfold for you
Don’t – Don’t side by side ignore your health because there are too many factors of psychological stress on you, remaining peaceful at this stage will resolve many issues slowly but surely
Meena – You are trying to involve with others but at the same time stress & pressures in home & family are showing, on factors connected with relationships you have very intense thoughts & desires
Day special – You are generally helpful for others and this thought is remarkable, but being good to others may also cause some amount of financial pressures losses which you will have to accept as a reality

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