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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Friday 2 July 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You have been undecided but now a lot of determination will come in your mind, but by doing so you should not take any drastic decisions which may lead to your own loss
Do – Carefulness in financial planning is definitely required, if it is a situation of repaying your loans then you must consider that favorably
Don’t – Don’t show your dissatisfaction in any manner, especially towards your elders you have to show a lot of restraint, only then you will be able to maintain harmonious relations
Vrish – You were worried for all kinds of obstacles but now circumstances are improving, your financial position will make you happy but you still cannot take decisions which may risk your money
Day special – Love relationship can emerge if you are able to look around and find someone’s inclination, your ability to convey your thoughts at this stage will help you to achieve happiness
Mithun – You were dissatisfied with your associates or partners, but now you will start realizing their goodness and that disillusionment will go away
Do – Remain optimistic about your own people and you will realize that you are getting the support and happiness in many ways, that kind of positive mindset will help you to achieve your goals and to work towards your accomplishments
Don’t – Don’t carry any kind of depressive attitude at this stage, especially in the morning you have to avoid getting uneasy and depressed,
Karka – Some health related issues have been bothering you in the past, but now things are improving and you are regaining your confidence in many ways
Day special – There may still be hindrances in your smooth work to emerge, but that is because you are making plans in your mind and trying to execute them, but you will have to take the help and guidance of others and discuss your matters favorably only then the goodness will emerge
Simha – You have been uneasy about some love relationship, but now you are realizing that actually that uneasiness was valid and there are many obstacles and problems connected with that
Do – Your desire to discuss your issues and resolve your differences can be a favorable situation, at least you will be able to convey your viewpoint which is showing your devoted involvement
Don’t – Don’t still think that everything will become all right, there are many bigger issues involved which may not give immediate results, you will have to therefore keep patience
Kanya – Some issues in home & family have been bothering you, but a period is coming now in which you will start getting the support abundantly and that will please you
Day Special – Still there are health related factors which keep on bothering you, but more than that you will have to understand that in some love relationship you have to avoid any kind of differences of opinion as it can take away the goodness of this period
Tula – Your focus was not pointed enough, that is why your performance was not in the right direction, but the situation is improving now at least to the extent of removing the doubts from your mind
Do – You still have to work harmoniously with people around you to avoid the differences of opinion, your involvement in your work is total but if you are a student then you are disillusioned
Don’t – In some love relationship especially you will have to avoid the stress & differences because you are being too egoistic, you will have to become mild to understand the views of others
Vrishchik – If you speak something which may be hurting to others then it can spoil your personal relationships, but your focus is gradually shifting towards relationships which are strong on your mind
Day special – Generally this is a gainful period without any problems, but you must remain connected with your own people in a positive way
Dhanu – You were carrying a sense of disillusionment, but now family happiness is emerging in a big way which will make you happy and satisfied
Do – Your own involvement in work needs to be maintained, for that reason you have to look at the stability factor and not continuously look for alternatives or changes
Don’t – Don’t forget that the help and support which you may get at this stage can be very helpful, it can give you the direction which is required and that is important
Makar – Travels or far off linkages were on your mind and they were important, but now a time is appearing in which you will have to really work hard and prove your abilities
Day special – In your resolve to do well luck will favor you and support you, but routine kind of pressures & differences of opinion will have to be controlled with your charm and with your goodness
Kumbh – You may not have been happy with the financial situation but actually there is improvement now which will please you, for that reason I feel that this is a strong period emerging for you to fulfill your goals & aspirations in life
Do – From your side you have to show the care and involvement towards others, that will make your relationships stronger and help you to emerge as a good human being
Don’t – Don’t therefore carry dissatisfaction for money or for people around you, especially in the morning you will have to avoid that kind of thinking
Meena – You have been uneasy for a while about your work, but now you will realize that there is lot of goodness and lot of improvement coming up
Do – With your total and focused involvement you can actually get the rewards & advantage, it can be in the form of promotion or goodness to take your life forward
Don’t – Don’t think of unnecessary changes at this stage, maintaining stability is more important and that will give you the happiness which is required

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