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Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday 26 July 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are very determined to succeed in your career, you also wish to care as much for your own people, but these are mere thoughts on your mind
Do – While you think good and plan well for others you are getting into stressful situations also, that is why the success is not as much or as strong as you want it to be, you must involve whole-heartedly and in a positive manner, your focus should be pointed as only then you can succeed at this stage
Don’t – Don’t get into any kind of stress of career or of finances, if you have to repay your loans then you have to do it at this stage
Vrish – Devote some time towards religious pursuits, do it in a manner which shows your total involvement, in anything you do that kind of devotion is required
Day special – For that very reason this period is shaping up to help you prove your abilities, and in this very path you will get the guidance to improve your knowledge also
Mithun – Stress in emotions is evident, you are also risking your money because you are not able to plan carefully
Do – Stressful situations leading to conflicts are showing in home & family, this is despite your good efforts & good intentions that this is happening
Don’t – Don’t let these pressures create ups & downs in your professional career, you have to do a lot and achieve a lot, don’t therefore show dissatisfactions as that can complicate the matters
Karka – You have to help others at this stage, there is a philanthropic impact on you which is bringing out the best in you for others
Day special – For that very reason God is kind to you to provide financial prosperity, if you spread that goodness then it comes back in the form of happiness for you abundantly
Simha – You must repay your loans even at the cost of causing stress for yourself, by doing so at least you will be free of one pressure which you have been carrying
Do – It is a different question that you may be trying to reduce the cost of your borrowing by planning properly, financial planning therefore takes the importance at this stage which you must do
Don’t – In personal life don’t get into heated arguments or discussions, that can further spoil your image and cause differences at this stage, don’t let that happen
Kanya – You have to study and you have to work hard towards that, there may be obstacles of psychological nature on you but you have to remember your goal at this stage
Day Special – Help & guidance from others and your elders will help you now, but you will have to remove the disillusionment of your mind as far as your thoughts of career are concerned, even that will be accomplished with passage of time
Tula – Home is important and you are giving enough focus to that, in fact you are creating an excellent balance in your work and personal life at this stage
Do – Any effort for change of place or change of circumstance can prove to be wasteful, you will have to therefore think of all those factors also before taking any decision
Don’t – Don’t carry your relationship too far to fulfill your desires, that may show and prove that you are being too selfish and keen to think about yourself all the time
Vrishchik – Luck is favoring you and God is guiding you to work hard at this stage, for that reason your efforts are remarkable and capable of giving excellent results
Day special – Any big success starts with a small thought, when you start planning you start conditioning your mind towards that effort, and that leads to bigger achievements which you can have at this stage
Dhanu – Gains are there from unexpected sources also, but this is very essential as you have big plans to accomplish your thoughts and to grow in life
Do – Your financial needs will be met but you will have to be careful, certain wastages are also side by side appearing
Don’t – Don’t let your own skills get reduced, you have to use your knowledge in the right manner at this stage so that others are able to appreciate your effort
Makar – You may get excellent support from your partner, for that reason you have to become optimistic and positive in your approach towards others
Day special – Some thoughts, efforts & energies must be devoted towards religious pursuits, that will make you mild in your approach and will make you understand the other persons’ point of view as well
Kumbh – Even if you take loan you may waste that money at this stage, for that reason lot of careful planning is needed in the face of the fact that your financial position is stable
Do – Psychologically therefore you will have to remain stable, thinking too much and thinking more than what is required can also cause upsets & losses
Don’t – Don’t let impulsiveness over-ride your decisions, that can actually lead to upsets and even financial outflows, running after the unknown may not bring you any rewards at this stage
Meena – Happiness is available to you from some love relationship, but there may be hidden differences which are continuing side by side which you are not realizing
Day special – Financial angle needs more care than anything else, your outflows are such which are uncontrolled and which can take away the stability of this period, dissatisfactions must be removed and you must stay focused at this stage

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