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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Monday 12 July 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – On one hand you wish to be close to your own people, and on the other hand you wish to explore new path to take your destiny forward, in the process you are also getting into stress & differences of opinion with others
Do – Both the situations seem to be positive, you will have to take very careful decisions as to what is important for you, possibly for your future and for your career you may have to consider the changes
Don’t – Don’t still get into any kind of conflicts as a result of your decisions, in any decision take the help & support of others and take them along on the path chosen by you
Vrish – Financial position is stable and that will make you happy, to that extent even your savings are growing as you are getting gains to make you prosperous
Day special – Your own motivation is remarkable and for that your self-confidence is very high, on top of it your own knowledge & performance is improving in a big way to make you happy
Mithun – Work is stable and you wish to improve that further, you also want to arrange funds for meeting your professional needs which is important
Do – Your motivation to get gains is remarkable, if you remain pleasant to others you will be further benefited in many ways
Don’t – Don’t forget that there can be stress & pressures from colleagues or subordinates in your work situation, but that is something which you will have to accept as a reality and take precautions side by side
Karka – Your self-confidence is high and you are placed in a situation which can prove to be very auspicious to you, for that reason your inflows are high and your motivation is remarkable
Day special – In all this goodness your routine pressures & expenses are increasing, that is putting a dent on your savings which needs to be controlled
Simha – Too much of extremes of thinking can lead to obstacles also, especially where relationships are involved you will have to be more careful
Day special – As a result of your impulsiveness you are putting your money into risk, that factor needs to be controlled if you wish to maintain your prosperity of this level
Kanya – Your own well wishers are your strength, for that reason your own family can be helpful to you also in many ways
Day Special – Financial position is stable and you will be benefited, but in work related situation losses or outflows will have to be controlled otherwise your savings may also get eroded
Tula – Work related situation is very well placed, but there is some amount of differences of opinion continuing side by side which can bother you
Do – As a result your own performance can get affected as you are uneasy & unhappy, lot of patience is required
Don’t – Don’t stress yourself by thinking of alternatives all the time, by disturbing your stability you may not enjoy the goodness of this period also which is there abundantly
Vrishchik – Generally lucky period for financial prosperity, routine kind of pressures & factors are continuing to bother you but that is also a reality which you will have to accept
Day special – Some love relationship is strong on your mind, but you have to carry it only up to a level which does not disturb your life unnecessarily
Dhanu – Psychological stress has to be controlled, especially on issues where you are being too stiff in your attitude
Do – Home & family is important to you, happiness & stability of home has to be maintained at any cost,
Don’t – Don’t forget that work related stress will be there, but you will have to take it as a challenge and show to others as to what you are capable of
Makar – Your efforts are remarkable and for that reason you are connecting with others very well, there can also be travels or changes on your mind but you are a bit undecided
Day special – Routine kind of issues in the form of differences should be controlled, otherwise they can convert into conflicts and that is where your peace & patience is required
Kumbh – Even in your thoughts for differences or conflicts you are looking for financial gains only, this is a somewhat selfish thought which you are carrying on your mind
Do – There are pressures in relationships which are not to your liking, there are also many hidden factors for which you are not aware, you have to know all that before you take your next step
Don’t – Don’t make any mistake at this stage, for that reason lot of careful planning is required constantly so that you do not go wrong
Meena – You are being too forceful in your thoughts, relationships are strong on your mind and that is what you wish to push at this stage
Day special – Generally you are getting the support of your own people, overall factor of goodness & auspiciousness is intact which will make you happy

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