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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sunday 1 August 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You want your children to study hard and you are getting worried on account of that, but generally it is a question of your own apprehensions in which you are thinking of so many things at the same time,
Week special – There is need for you to understand that you cannot get into dissatisfaction of your mind, to constantly think of alternatives or changes is also not good because it does not give stability.
Vrish – You are trying to speak good to your own people to resolve whatever mis-understandings may be there, but side by side you can also be sarcastic in your expressions which can be very negative.
Do – Your own pragmatism is required at this stage, your own friends can be very helpful, as they are good people around you,
Don’t – Don’t have any impulsive thoughts on your mind with regard to money, even on expectations from your friends you have to be very practical, that only can bring long-lasting happiness.
Mithun – If you study well your career will be made, and you have the inclination to really work hard at this stage, which is a remarkable situation.
Week special – your maturity is developing in a manner and your thinking about your future, what you will have to shed the thoughts of uneasiness or apprehensions, to some extant it is normal human nature to worry, but more than that is not required.
Karka - You are looking at very lucky developments in your life which may take care of everything, that is not how things shapeup as you will have to perform and to achieve.
Do – On matters connected with changes or drastic decision you will have to be careful, simultaneously you may have to maintain that stability and continuity in your efforts which is very important at this stage.
Don’t – don’t waste your money on pursuits which are not required, don’t also let anyone take you for granted or cheat you in any manner which can be unfortunate.
Simha – financial position is stable but you are apprehensive, there are factors in which hidden issues can be there which can cause pressures.
Week special – Your own abilities to handle these affairs will depend on how you interact with others, in relationships you cannot let negativity come and spoil your situation, for that reason plan your finances very well and remember that there are upsets also side by side.
Kanya – You yourself thinking of many things and many changes, you are looking at options and alternatives very pragmatically and that is a good thing to do,
Do – Career or work will have to be seem for its excellence and stability, luck is generally favouring you but there are too many ups and downs of your own thoughts which is not letting that regularity emerge,
Don’t – don’t forget that this is a pressurizing period, every step will have to be taken as a challenge if you wish to achieve success
Tula – Luck may favour you in many ways because you or yourself focused, but at the same time you are getting into stress of pressures and differences which may take away this goodness to some extent.
Week special – many big moves or changes are not required, there can be upsets in that and there can be deficiencies in those plans, you will have to therefore give importance to your own involvement without creating major changes.
Vrishchik - work is important and you are aware of that, for that reason your supporters, well-wishers and partners are coming forward to help you and guide you.
Do – You are generally happy with the performance of your children, you are also able to guide them or motivate them in the right direction,
Don’t –don’t forget that routine pressures are part of life, those will have to be faced on day to day basis as only then you can get the stability which you want to get.
Dhanu – Support and help of people will mean a lot to you, work related situations therefore will also become advantages with your positive attitude.
Week special – Your forcefulness depends on how much optimistic you are, if you look at goodness you get goodness in life, that is the strength which you carry at this stage.
Makar – Luck may not favour you and health may not support you, for that reason relationships are also not as strong as you expect.
Do - study well and perform well, that is the answer to your present situations which you have, even in work you will have to show that kind of determination.
Don’t – don’t think that travels and changes are the answers to everything, that may give you temporary relief but may not be the solution to all your problems.
Kumbh – You wish to carry some relationship forward, in that sense it is a supportive and helpful period also,
Week special – If you speak well and discuss your matters, your issues will be resolved, especially in personal relationships as well as in financial planning this discussion will help you immensely, but wastages will have to be controlled.
Meena – Stress in personal life is showing, for that reason there can be hidden obstacles despite your efforts to resolve many issues.
Do – Your own goodness and pragmatism will help you at this stage, but you will have to show a lot of peace and regularity in the process.
Don’t – don’t forget that being philanthropic is a good thing in life, but others may not be as stable or supportive in their response all the time, you will have to therefore address those factors of differences also side by side which may persist.

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