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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday 3 July 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are being too rigid in your approach, so much so that you have decided many things on your mind and you wish to move on that path only
Day special – Still I would say that you must consider the hidden factors in whatever decisions you are taking, especially if it is for the purpose of some change or big decision you will have to be careful, any change of place which may be there on your mind must be protected from differences of opinion
Vrish – Excellent period for financial prosperity, your own efforts are remarkable to give you the rewards and that factor is further motivating you to achieve much more in life
Do – In this very process you have to protect the goodness of this period, especially in terms of any financial decisions you cannot risk your money at this stage
Don’t – Don’t carry any kind of uneasiness or confusion in your thoughts, especially if they have any connection with oppositions from your own loved ones you will have to be careful
Mithun – Your work is your strength and you are motivated for that, you will be able to arrange your funds also as much as you need and that will provide the goodness
Day special – Your partners or associates will be helpful although you may have certain apprehensions or doubts about them, but you must understand that the overall pattern is highly supportive for you and your own self-confidence will help you in this regard as well
Karka – Lot of auspiciousness and goodluck is with you, but in the process you are becoming a bit too egoistic and even your thoughts are not matching with those of others
Do – There is need for you to understand the goodness and the problems side by side, the goodness is that you are taking very careful decisions and God is helping you also, overall pattern is favorable, but there are confusions which can lead to conflicts which can take away the goodness to some extent,
Don’t – Don’t therefore risk the goodness and stability of this period at this stage
Simha – Weak period as there are many obstacles, especially if your thoughts are hovering around some change or emotional relationship you are bound to face many hidden hurdles to cross them
Day special – In relationships especially you will have to shed your uneasiness and dissatisfactions, that can complicate the matters and create rift which will be difficult to cover
Kanya – Your association and involvement with others is remarkable, that will provide lot of goodness to you in personal and professional life in many ways
Do – Home & family is important to you, if you stay connected with them you will find goodness in many ways
Don’t – Don’t carry stress or apprehensions about your own people, on account of that if you plan changes then you will be yourself to blame
Tula – You are carrying lot of unrest on your mind, there may be issues of disagreements which are bothering you, but still psychologically you have to be more at peace
Day special – In the process your focus is getting lost, you are thinking more of irrelevant things and disturbing your mind unnecessarily, that is where protection is needed
Vrishchik – Some love relationship is strong on your mind, and the circumstances are pushing you towards that even against your wishes,
Do – These thoughts may come and go, but the lasting impression of the goodness can be achieved with your committed involvement in your work, that is the strength which you carry at this stage
Don’t – Don’t speak anything out of uneasiness or frustration, that can cause harm to you and may cause even financial distress to you, you have to be careful
Dhanu – Home & family is important and the happiness connected with that is abundantly available, God is kind to you in many ways and that is the goodness which you carry enormously
Day special – Some amount of uneasiness is inbuilt, there is a need for you to become milder in your approach and be appreciative of others’ point of view, by doing so you will be protecting yourself from any kind of hidden issues also side by side
Makar – Travels or distant issues may be on your mind, but side by side this period is also motivating you to achieve your dreams & desires for which you are very focused
Do – Any decision taken out of dissatisfactions may cause more upsets, everything may seem lucrative but there are thoughts on your mind on account of which you are yourself not convinced, you have to understand that
Don’t – Generally people are supportive to you, but don’t push this goodness too far to create differences of opinion without any reason, especially on matters connected with money you will have to be careful
Kumbh – Financial angle is stable and there is nothing adverse, you are even willing to borrow money to augment your resources or to fulfill your bigger needs
Day special – You are sometimes worried whether your level of inflows will be sustained or not, for that reason you become disillusioned also at times whereas there is no need for that, be pleasant to others and you will reap the rewards
Meena – Your self-confidence and your goodness will emerge, some love relationship is also on your mind which may have hidden obstacles connected to that
Do – Work related situation is stable and there is nothing adverse, you have to appreciate the strength of your work and then get involved in it
Don’t – If you are a student don’t underestimate the goodness of this period, you can make your career and make your destiny, but you will have to constantly involve and study well at this stage to get the rewards of this goodness which are indicated

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