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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wednesday 28 July 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are becoming a bit aggressive and fighting with others, even on financial matters you are carrying dis-agreements which are not looking good.
Do – In the process there are two many ups and downs in your thinking, but you will have to keep lot of patience as that is the solution to your present times.
Don’t – don’t let routine kind of issues appear in your life at this stage, that can spoil your personal relationships as well and don’t let that happen.
Vrish – You are very determined to do something good so that your name and fame increases, for that reason you are even planning to increase your knowledge by taking big decisions and that can be advantages.
Day special – The bigger fact still remains that you will have to work hard and perform, there is nothing which can bring more advantage to your life than this single fact, for that reason your focus is remarkable and you can achieve a lot.
Mithun – There are needs to be fulfilled in your home and family, for that reason you are getting a little uneasy or depressed also as this is not making you very happy.
Do – Overall financial prosperity is indicated, work is moving smoothly and there is nothing adverse at this stage, you have to continue this good work now.
Don’t – don’t forget that even in your work your colleagues or subordinates can be a cause of concern, but your own goodness must be maintained in whatever you speak right or do at this stage.
Karka – Excellent period as this period motivating you to really work hard, despite obstacles which you are facing you have the goodness which can work wonders.
Day special – Even luck is favouring you and lot of auspiciousness is with you at this stage, psychologically you may have to remain very peaceful and you will see that many things will fall in place.
Simha – Auspiciousness reflects in many ways, financial prosperity is therefore indicated as a result of all this goodness which you have.
Do – But you have to control what you speak as you can spoil this goodness by speaking harshly to others, you have to be careful.
Don’t – don’t forget that in home and family also lot of patience is required, otherwise it can lead to pressure and problems which can be harmful for the stability of your personal life.
Kanya – There are obstacles and psychologically you are getting more and more stressed, but you also must understand that conflicts are not going to solve your problems and you will be put to loss unnecessarily.
Day special – If you get away from others yourself then you are not trying to solve the issues, better situation is to involve and to take things as a challenge, that can help you to overcome your difficulties at this stage.
Tula – There is generally goodness with you but you are not able to handle that to your advantage, you are creating more and more wastages and losses for you on account of your impulsive decisions.
Do – Most important aspect at this stage is to understand the views of others and then take your decisions, your own performance should not get spoiled as a result of any pressure which you may be carrying.
Don’t – don’t also let any personal relationship or love relationship get spoiled, you will have to maintain a lot of goodness which must include the fact that you cannot push your self for your fulfillment of desires.
Vrishchik – Generally gains are indicated and you may be keen to even take loans for your requirements, you may be keen to invest in property and also to gain from some property.
Day special – Lot of goodness is indicated but routine kind of pressures are immense, in work related situations lot of stability is required which must include constant hard work.
Dhanu – You are able to focus very well and that is the goodness which you carry, but unnecessary changes have to be taken very carefully as they can lead to differences of opinion as well.
Do – Some travels may be on your mind and that is where you have to keep patience, trust your own abilities and you will see that other will also respond very positively towards you.
Don’t – don’t forget that keep your communication lines open, as much as you can this goodness will help you if you speak to others or convey your thoughts to others.
Makar – Lot of goodness is there specially in financially terms, games are indicated for you from many sources which may include gain from family as well as property,
Day special – You are also being very nostalgic about your past memories in home and family, carry those good memories and nurture them as these are the virtues which will remain forever.
Kumbh – Your performance is getting reduced and your work is suffering, you are constantly thinking about changes which may not be really required.
Do – Financial strength does not mean that you can take any decision, especially where your own confusions remain, you have to be careful.
Don’t – don’t forget that overall stability is indicated, even in relationships many good aspect are supporting you, you have to stay connected with that.
Meena – Very auspicious period despite your focus being a little negative, your thinking of expenses or losses but you will have to control those factors side by side.
Day special – Goodness of this period can be maintained with your patience, even in some love relationship you cannot act in a manner which shows your selfishness or extremes of your thinking.

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