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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sunday 18 July 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – Your determination & forcefulness is leading to some kind of differences of opinion as well, indirectly it is causing stress & misunderstandings in work as well as in financial matters
Do – Remaining peaceful will help, trying to understand the views of others will also help, try these simple methods and you will be benefited
Don’t – Indirectly don’t let any stress appear in your personal life as well, in home, family or even in some love relationship you have to be careful for that reason itself
Vrish – Your own people are very supportive and your involvement in home & family will bring you a lot of happiness, indirectly it is motivating you to learn and to achieve side by side
Week special – Students are specifically going to be benefited with this effort, you have a very clear focus that you have to make your career and that is why your hard work is also showing
Mithun – Financial matters need to be controlled so that there is no wastage or loss, for that reason if you take loans they have to be utilized properly in the right direction as you cannot move in an unplanned manner
Do – In matters of home & family some discussions are going to be helpful, you must give your views and take the suggestions in return as that is very essential
Don’t – Don’t forget that in some love relationship also there are misunderstandings on account of money only, don’t raise the topic of money to cause upsets or misunderstandings as it can show you in poor light
Karka – Overall auspicious period, lot of goodness is there in terms of your well being and financial prosperity, your own abilities will shine and will improve your image drastically
Week special – As a result your motivation is very high, you are able to succeed in any kind of effort whether in some examination or interview and you will be benefited
Simha – Overall auspiciousness is intact and you are in a very lucky stage, this period is also motivating you to work hard in your career and for that reason the divine blessing is also with you,
Do – In whatever you speak you may be misunderstood, therefore it is required that you keep a lot of patience and not be too forceful in your views
Don’t – Don’t take loans at this stage, you will not be able to hold on to those funds and there may be wastages attached to it, don’t let that happen
Kanya – Problematic period as there are pressures at every step, financial outflows are more and sudden unexpected obstacles may also crop up
Week Special – There is need for very careful planning at this stage, psychologically you may be comfortable that money is there but wastages are more which are causing stress & problems at this stage
Tula – You may get the support in many ways and that will include financial help also, but your own goodness is the reason for you to connect with people and to benefit from this situation
Do – Psychological angle is such that you are not able to hold on to this goodness, you are too inclined to look for major changes which are causing routine kind of upsets especially in work situation
Don’t – Don’t therefore let these forces become stressful, even health issues are there which need to be handled carefully side by side
Vrishchik – Your own focus towards work is remarkable, your support system is also such that people are appreciating your views and supporting you immensely
Week special – Financial angle is stable and there is nothing adverse, you may be engrossed in the thoughts for your loved ones but you need not worry, God is kind in many ways
Dhanu – Your knowledge and your abilities must shine to give you the rewards, but thinking too much into extremes & negatively is going to hamper the goodness of this period
Do – Stress & focus in work has to be maintained, your own abilities must be diverted towards that angle only on a constant basis
Don’t – Don’t therefore let any routine issues upset you, even in your personal life small issues must be ignored as they can become bigger and cause complications
Makar – Matters connected with home & money need very careful handling, for that reason your own abilities must be used in a positive manner so that you are able to take the advantage of these good times
Week special – Stress in personal life & marital life needs to be controlled, but many of these thoughts are made up in your mind and you are not giving importance to small things which can be helpful, small steps taken can lead to big giant leaps & achievements, that fact has to be inculcated in your personal life to avoid upsets
Kumbh – Extremely auspicious period as far as work is concerned, God is kind and a blessing is attached to you in which you are motivated to reap the rewards of this goodness
Do – Psychologically you may not be as happy, there are routine kind of issues which keep on happening and your personal life gets disturbed, you have to keep lot of patience with people around you and try to understand their viewpoint
Don’t – Don’t ignore the views of your boss as they are important, don’t get into minor stressful issues with your boss on day to day basis also
Meena – The goodness of this period is making you very forceful and egoistic, that will lead to differences of opinion as well as misunderstandings, especially in your own positive efforts also you may be held responsible at this stage
Week special – Keep very mild and you will be benefited, connect with others and look at the goodness in people around you, that will help you to achieve your goals

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