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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thursday 8 July 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You want to work hard and improve your knowledge at this stage, that will provide the goodness to you to make your career and to improve your performance
Do – You are also likely to get the support of your family fully and you will be happy with that, you must therefore remain pleasant to others and spread that goodness
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships are strong on your mind and need to be carried forward whole-heartedly, but you must have trust in others as well as in yourself
Vrish – You will stand to gain from your home & family both financially & psychologically, by doing so your own motivation will improve and you will be able to perform very well
Day special – The situation is such that in home & family you will have to trust others and only then you will get the full advantage, as such your self-confidence is high and that will provide lot of goodness to you at this stage
Mithun – Your own hard work will give you enormous gains, but you are sometimes not convinced as to what you are capable of doing
Do – You have to protect your financial position and not let wastages occur, they may be routine matters but your impulsiveness is causing these issues
Don’t – Don’t forget that travels can be on your mind, but you will have to plan well and not move with any rigid thought on your mind as that is not going to help
Karka – Financial position is strong and there is nothing adverse, but your inability to hold on to your money is the culprit at this stage where the problem lies
Day special – In matters connected with some love relationship there may be need for you to convey your thoughts, but you have to avoid conveying those thoughts so forcefully that it may become hurtful to others, for that reason you will have to be mild & show your care towards others fully
Simha – Changes are on your mind and you are being too firm on that, but this very situation can cause financial upsets and outflows which need to be controlled
Do – Your involvement in work is remarkable, for that reason you are also working hard to achieve your goals, but you will have to be careful side by side as there is some lack of planning for you
Don’t – Don’t show any sense of dissatisfaction to others, especially to your boss you will have to show your involvement and your sense of achievement which will help
Kanya – Changes are on your mind and you are moving with those thoughts, as such financial position and inflows are stable which will make you happy
Day Special – You are still risking your savings in many ways, that can be the silent upset which you may have to face and therefore lot of care is needed, you must have a sense of involvement in your work which will remove any kind of doubts that you carry
Tula – Financial position is strong & stable, but psychologically you are not as happy as you should be
Do – In work related situation there can be many pressures, but you have to take this as a challenge and perform to your utmost fully and whole-heartedly
Don’t – Don’t put any risk in your decisions connected with money, for that reason lot of carefulness is needed to protect your situation
Vrishchik – Work related situation is difficult, you will have to be very mild and understand the views of others at this stage
Day special – Especially with your boss or people who are important you will have to be careful, you cannot be too rigid in your approach as that can be dangerous
Dhanu – Luck is favoring you immensely at this stage, but there are continuing issues in your personal life especially in marriage where lot of patience is needed
Do – You will have to be become very mild in your thoughts as only then you can stay peaceful, look at the goodness which you carry and which your personal life has in terms of stability
Don’t – Don’t therefore carry any doubts or misunderstandings about others, they may be creation of your own mind which are not as real
Makar – Weak & stressful period for you which needs lot of care, especially in relationships with others you will have to exercise lot of restraint and not push for your ideas
Day special – Your self-confidence is remarkable, but the results & rewards are not as straight or strong as you expect, that is why you will have to wait for the good times
Kumbh – You are carrying a sense of uneasiness & conflicts in your personal life, that is why you are becoming too rigid in your approach which is not right
Do – In personal relationships there are many issues which need to be resolved, they may seem small issues here & there but they have bigger implications which are not looking as good
Don’t – Don’t forget that your family is your strength, if you stay connected with that then many things can be brought under control at this stage, but avoid making self-created mistakes
Meena – Misunderstandings in home & family are bound to be there, because you are not willing to listen and you are trying to move on your path
Day special – Some love relationship is strong on your mind which is causing all these pressures, you will have to become milder in your approach in thoughts and in deeds and only then you can avoid these hindrances, for that your own patience will be required

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