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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thursday 15 July 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are giving importance to money & relationships and money is supporting you immensely, even relationships can be vibrant for you because you are very focused and making efforts to make it work
Day special – You wish to take your relationships to the next level and that is possible, but you will have to shed the confusion & anxiety which you carry on your mind and which is quit irrelevant
Vrish – Your involvement in your family is remarkable, you are trying to help them and by virtue of that you will get the warmth support, help & gains from your own people abundantly
Do – Money will also have to be spent to please others, but that is an essential requirement of this stage for which you have to be prepared
Don’t – Don’t get into any kind of stressful situation in home & family, even if there are disagreements you will have to handle them very carefully & peacefully
Mithun – You know the importance of hard work in studies, and that is precisely you are trying to do at this stage, largely this situation is favorably placed for you as your involvement is remarkable
Day special – Even if you have to move away for your education or for gaining knowledge this period can be supportive, you must therefore understand that constant involvement is needed for any success in life
Karka – Excellent period for financial gains or for that matter gains from your investments or property, your own focus is remarkable to give you that goodness which will provide avenues for you to fulfill your dreams
Do – You have very unplanned & erratic ways, for that reason you are not able to achieve as much as you desire or deserve, that is where care is needed
Don’t – Don’t get into any kind of stress or arguments with your boss, that is where a lot of patience is required otherwise it can lead to upsets
Simha – In your work you are very determined and focused, your hard work will give you enormous gains as that is the present indication of the times
Day special – Gains are abundantly placed but you are not able to hold on those gains, you are not able to invest carefully and wastages are indicated
Kanya – Excellent period but you are not utilizing it in the manner in which it is possible for you to do so, you are thinking in terms of extremes and your decisions are also such which are not based on reality
Do – Even in your work situation very careful decisions need to be taken, any change in an impulsive manner will lead to more of pressures,
Don’t – Don’t therefore have lack of trust for people who can be helpful or supportive, you need as much help & guidance at this stage as possible to protect you
Tula – Stable period and there is lot of goodness for you, especially on financial matters the gains are indicated for which you have to be thankful to God
Day special – Certain hindrances can be there which are of your own making, this is because you are too critical & too careful in your approach which is causing these hidden upsets to appear
Vrishchik – You may be thinking of many changes in your work situation, and you are getting the guidance & help in many ways which can be beneficial
Do – On work related matters you have to be careful with people who are important, you cannot annoy anyone at this stage as that can be dangerous
Don’t – Don’t be too rigid or forceful in your attitude, that can cause upsets unnecessarily which may be harmful to you only
Dhanu – Very auspicious period in many ways, as such your financial position is stable, you are also keen to take some loan to augment your resources and to plan big in life
Day special – Routine kind of issues are many and you are stressed on account of that, there is need for you to keep patience and stick to your present stability, big plans will have to be put aside for a while
Makar – Work related pressures can be there as your achievements grow, therefore it is required that you take it as a challenge and not as a distress
Do – There is however need to keep lot of patience with people who are important, that includes your boss and that must be your focus at this stage
Don’t – Don’t let your money get into any kind of risk, for that reason lot of financial planning is required so that you do not create any upsets for yourself in your decision making
Kumbh – Very auspicious period as many things are under control, relationships are vibrant and luck is favoring you at every step to achieve what you wish to achieve
Day special – Work related situation is remarkable as your own thinking is very positive, that is the reason that your situation will remain stable and your financial position is also supporting you at every step
Meena – Stressful situation as you are worried & apprehensive, sudden upsets may appear and your own efforts may also be lost in the process
Do – These situations will have to be handled one by one, first & foremost you have to create peace in your home & family as from there you can start building up the goodness at this stage
Don’t – Don’t forget to be very humble at this stage, you can win the hearts of people & influence others with that goodness which you carry

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