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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thursday 22 July 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are trying to resolve your issues in personal life, that will improve your relationships also with this positive effort
Do – Remaining depressed or dissatisfied will only complicate your matters, you will have to therefore have faith in yourself and also trust others in the process
Don’t – Don’t forget that smooth relationships is the backbone for happiness in life, if there is problem in that then nothing will actually be achieved, don’t therefore let that happen
Vrish – Generally auspicious period for overall prosperity, financial situation is stable and you are able to carry your own people along with you in this journey called life
Day special – As far as some love relationship is concerned you are not happy with the help and support which you are getting from your own people, your expectations are high in this regard and you are not able to appreciate their viewpoint, that is why you are depressed
Mithun – You will have to discuss your matters carefully as only then solutions will emerge, your hard work can actually bring lot of goodness to you and for that reason you have to remain optimistic
Do – If you are involved in studies then this can be a favorable period in many ways, but you will have to improve your speaking abilities in the process as there are weaknesses in that
Don’t – Don’t get into any financial disputes at this stage, it can lead to unexpected issues which may harm your interests only, don’t therefore create anything which is not to your advantage
Karka – Outflows, expenses and unplanned ways are there which you are not able to control, even in relationships you are not happy because of this very reason as you are not able to communicate properly
Day special – You think that someone is trying to cheat you, that is why you are depressed and especially in relationships that negativity is showing
Simha – Financial issues are on your mind and expenses or losses are also there, despite this awareness you are not able to control this factor and that is complicating the matters
Do – Financial gains are there for you but there are conflicts also going side by side, for that reason unexpected issues may also crop up to bother you
Don’t – Don’t plan for any change of place at this stage, it may not be to your advantage and for that reason major decisions must also be postponed
Kanya – Gains from your work are adequate and there is no problem, but changes may not be advantageous at this stage as they can take away those gains in many ways
Day Special – For that reason even travels may have hidden pressures and upsets for you, health is another factor which must be given importance side by side
Tula – Luck is favoring you generally in terms of financial prosperity, that is giving you a sense of goodness in your work also as money is a big motivator
Do – On financial aspect especially on savings you may not be as happy, but you have created those losses or impulsive decisions yourself and that is why the goodness is not appearing
Don’t – Don’t therefore direct your energies in such factors which are not as relevant, you will have to therefore plan at each step so that you do not go wrong
Vrishchik – Routine kind of issues can be there, but overall prosperity is still looking stable as a result of your involvements
Day special – Your dissatisfactions are many and that is why you are under pressure, these are routine kind of pressures on you which you are not able to handle, but there seems to be some lack of planning on your part also
Dhanu – Thinking about changes or alternatives may only stress you, especially on matters connected with your personal life as well as your professional life these thoughts can be upsetting
Do – Look forward to the goodness which you have, happiness in home and family should be the guiding spirit at this stage, patience is something which is the biggest virtue to have
Don’t – Don’t therefore create any kind of stress with someone who is important or your boss, don’t let any matter get complicated which can be postponed for a while
Makar – Routine kind of issues can bother your personal life at this stage, that can make you stressed unnecessarily psychologically which needs to be protected
Day special – Financial position still remains stable, but your essential outflows are continuing to be there at every step which you try to justify, I think the focus should be to stabilize your personal life issues and not unnecessarily think of other things,
Kumbh – Differences of opinion at your work place can be there, they can indirectly cause pressures on you because you are not able to handle them carefully
Do – Your knowledge and skills must be improved, your focus should remain high and pointed as that can protect you abundantly
Don’t – Don’t let any thoughts for big moves or changes cross your mind, that can further complicate the matters at this stage, therefore keep lot of patience and stick to the stability of this period
Meena – Personal life and relationships are stable and there is not big issue, minor differences must be handled with care and with optimism and you will not go wrong
Day special – Financial position is stable and that will make you happy in many ways, that will also help you to handle your issues as money can take care of many things in life side by side

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